Reader's Advisory: Library Facebook Posts That Don't Suck

Most libraries have a Facebook page these days. It’s the thing to do.

Having surveyed a fair sample of those pages, though, I think many libraries feel a bit disillusioned with the outcome. When they take a hard look at their view numbers and likes, it often seems like nobody is paying attention. Full many a library Facebook post is born to blush unseen. Furthermore, posting regularly is a significant time investment for thin-stretched staff resources.

Facebook For Libraries: How to Create a Quick and Appealing Post

I’ve been doing a lot of web demos for libraries around the country lately.

As I'm showing people options for promoting library resources, I’ve noticed that a solid majority of the libraries I talk to have a Facebook page and they’re making an effort to post regularly. I’ve also noticed a lot of uncertainty about how to use Facebook for libraries effectively. Posting as an organization, not just an individual requires a slightly different approach.

Here are 4 simple tips that will help you spark interest, be relevant, be genuine, and reach your audience. 

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