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Originally presented March 29, 2023

Many libraries offer instructional videos for use on their websites.

Unfortunately, research shows that oftentimes these videos are inaccessible to patrons with disabilities. For example, Clossen and Proces (2017) found that only 52% of the videos they examined were properly captioned, and many had additional accessibility problems.

In this webinar, Melissa Wong helps participants learn to create fully accessible instructional videos. The webinar begins with a brief overview of disability that puts accessibility practices into context, then introduces design practices that support accessibility, including planning, narration, typography, and graphic design. Finally, the workshop introduces standards and practices for captions, transcripts, and descriptive audio.

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Click the links below to download additional resources: 

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Going Beyond Captions: Creating Accessible Instructional Videos Audio Transcript

Going Beyond Captions: Creating Accessible Instructional Videos Chat Transcript


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The Niche Academy marketplace contains hundreds of tutorials to support libraries, including these:

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The ADA for Libraries

Libraries can play a key role in helping people with disabilities take part in public life, and follow the Americans with Disabilities Act—or ADA—to make spaces and services accessible for everyone. Understanding the ADA and how it affects the library will help you better serve patrons with disabilities so they can fully participate in the life of their community.

Supporting Staff with DIsabilities 1

Supporting Staff with Disabilities: Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding

One in four adults is living with a disability, but people with disabilities are not always represented in the library workforce. Hiring people with disabilities brings diverse skills, knowledge, and experience to libraries and reflects the community more fully. Learning how to recruit, interview, and onboard people with disabilities can help you reach the best possible candidates for the library and community! 


Supporting Staff with Disabilities 2-1

Supporting Staff with Disabilities: Accommodations and Inclusive Environments

Employees with disabilities bring skills and knowledge to libraries and communities. But many say the work environment can be stressful, or even hostile. Employees with disabilities report being afraid to ask for accommodations, and wish their workplaces were more inclusive. In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement accommodations and foster an inclusive culture that supports employees with disabilities.


Supporting Staff with Disabilities 3-1

Supporting Staff with Disabilities: Working Together

 Employees with disabilities are a valuable part of the library’s success, but they often feel stressed and unsupported. They may have to deal with misunderstandings, discrimination, or even harassment from coworkers. Knowing about the workplace stresses and challenges of coworkers with disabilities can help you strengthen your relationships and the services you deliver together!