About Niche Academy 

At Niche Academy, we live and work by one simple motto: We help people solve big problems together

We’re passionate about delivering immediately accessible online training to mission-driven organizations like yours. We do this with less overhead for learners, instructors, and administrators than you'll find with any other learning platform on the planet. 


Our Story

Niche Academy's Founder & CEO, Jeromy Wilson, was only 4 years old when his dad helped start Dynix, a company responsible for the software system that replaced library card catalogs.   

Growing up, Jeromy tagged along to countless library conferences and events. After graduating from college, Jeromy also took a job at Dynix. After a few years, he began to notice a different problem: despite the increase in available online resources, they just weren’t being used to their potential. 

So, in 2013, Jeromy set out to find a better way to engage communities digitally, and that’s where the idea for Niche Academy was born. He started out on his own but soon recruited the help of former Dynix co-worker Jared Oates. Together, they were able to get Niche Academy off the ground. It wasn’t long before they found a whole team of people who believed in their idea and its cross-industry potential. 

There are now more than 30 of us and we are trusted by over 1600 communities and organizations across the world.  

After getting our start with just a few short library tutorials, we’re now helping to build the future of niche training and community engagement. 

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Our Team


Abegail Segismundo



Abegail is a good humored joker who loves classic pop music and writes teen fiction on the side.


Adam Flores



For Adam, art is an obsession and a profession; it's his way to make people's lives better and to tell their stories


Ammar Iqbal

Full Stack Developer


While building for the future, Amar finds joy now in mentoring new IT professionals and working on his family fish farm.


Berin Hamilton

Support Specialist


Cybersecurity is a curious field for someone as outdoorsy as Berin, but she has the brains for any challenge.


Brent Packer

Partnership Manager


Brent was an all-star athlete in high school. But he doesn't talk about that now.


Bryan Fetalco



Bryan loves Manga, family time, and principled political activism. His jolly personality lets him make friends and soften hard relationships.


Christopher Sanchez

BDR Team Lead


Chris lives his life like a party. He uses good planning and organization to make a bit of crazy joy.


Clay Christenson

Director of Sales


Clay's wife was relieved when he chose Niche Academy over a career as a Brad Pitt stunt double.


Dan Oldham

Partnership Manager


Dan's job provides for a wife and 6 kids. Which probably explains his work ethic.


Ekaterina (Kate) Kraeva

2D Animator

Kate uses skill and magic (but mostly skill) to bring our training videos to life.


Ibtisam Khalid

Full Stack Developer


If it's a complicated problem or it has to look just right, we lean on Ibtisam.


Jared Oates

Co-Founder and COO


Jared is an English major who needed a job. He tries to make himself useful.


Jeremy Tuttle (JT)

Director of Content

JT is a writer who also happens to make killer videos. And we were looking for someone with a "J" name.


Jeromy Wilson

Founder & CEO


Jeromy started Niche Academy because he had a hard time sitting still at a regular job.


Jessie Boy Escube



Jesse is a social butterfly who loves volleyball and nurturing plants. He works long hours and sees time as a precious gift.


Jim Wilson

Senior Library Advisor


Jim came out of retirement to join Niche Academy because... well, we really needed him.


Julie Edwards

Instructional Designer


We lured Julie away from a tenured professorship. We're still not sure how.


Ken Bonney

Director of Support


Ken brings a spirit of 'Ohana' to support. And an endless supply of Aloha shirts he wears every day.


Margaret Helthaler

Marketing Manager


Margaret is an artist and educator at heart. She uses both sensibilities to inform our marketing content.


Marianne Weyand

Accounting and Bookkeeping


Marianne sounds sweet on the phone, but our CRM obeys her with fear and trembling.


Muhammad Shahzeb

Full Stack Developer


Shahzeb learned about commitment and dedication early in life. Being a good listener has helped him make friends that share these values.


Muslim Munir

Lead Developer


Muslim has a supply of patience that's equal to our nit-pickiness. We couldn't live without him.


Noman Rahim

Full Stack Developer


Noman hopes for his own successful startup someday. His optimism may be contagious, but we like his chances.


Pierre Thomas

Customer Success Specialist


When you see Pierre, his shoes will match his watch band, which matches his shirt, which will match his hat.


Tracy Furgason

Partnership Manager


If emotional intelligence were measured in dollars, Tracy would be a sovereign wealth fund.


Vesta Nartey

Video Editor/Animator


Vesta studies subtle things like motion design and Japanese. You'll see her deft touch in our videos.


Xenos Mesa



Xenos was born to be a visual alchemist. Happily, he's still willing to draw for Niche Academy.


Meet the Niche Academy Learning Platform 

Working at a mission-driven organization can be extremely rewarding but comes with its fair share of challenges. Whether you’re facing an endless to-do list, underused resources, or low external support, you have a lot of obstacles to overcome.  

We can help.   

Niche Academy is a turnkey learning solution with ready-to-use, expertly-crafted tutorials and a platform that lets organizations like yours deliver training and track progress anywhere to make a major impact.