Our Mission

We deliver immediately accessible online training. We do this with less overhead for learners, instructors, and administrators than you'll find with any other learning platform on the planet.

Our Motto

The world isn’t shaped by geniuses as much as by ordinary people that learn to work in an extraordinary way.

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Meet Our Team

Jeromy Wilson

Founder & CEO

Jeromy started Niche Academy because he had a hard time sitting still at a regular job.

Jared Oates

Co-Founder and COO

Jared is an English major who needed a job. He tries to make himself useful.

Jim Wilson

Senior Library Advisor

Jim came out of retirement to join Niche Academy because... well, we really needed him.

Jeremy Tuttle (JT)

Director of Content

JT is a writer who also happens to make killer videos. And we were looking for someone with a "J" name.

Ben Openshaw

Director of Sales

Ben knows how to help small companies find customers, which happened to be exactly what we needed most.

Muslim Munir

Lead Developer

Muslim has a supply of patience that's equal to our nit-pickiness. We couldn't live without him.

Glenn Nava

Director of Support

Glenn supports our dreams and aspirations. And also our customers.

Ibtisam Khalid

UI Developer

If you see something you like in our product, Ibtisam made it look that way.

Greg Taylor

Partnership Manager

Greg is focused on finding our next mountain to climb.

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