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Beyond Books: Adult Library Programs That Work!

Looking for program ideas to draw your adult patrons in the door of your library and keep them coming back for more? Join author and library director Jenn Carson to explore workable program models that can be adapted to your patrons and your physical (or virtual) space.

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Advocating Digital Citizenship in Libraries: Resources for Public and School Libraries

Libraries are the hub of their communities, and often the hub of digital citizenship learning. Carrie Rogers-Whitehead will help you teach and advocate for digital citizenship in your library. Join us to learn strategies, lessons, standards alignment, and more. 

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Q & A 101: Interview Questions and Answers

At best, an interview is a nerve-racking hour of questions. At worst, it seems like an interrogation that may last for hours, leaving you exhausted at the end. Join Melissa Lockaby to reduce your anxiety by thinking about the questions you might be asked and formulating your answers ahead of time.

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Effective Interaction in Online Courses: Connecting Students with Peers, Instructors, and Content to Support Learning

Join Melissa Wong to explore strategies for designing effective, engaging interactions between student-to-student, student-to-instructor, and student-to-content. This webinar will focus on simple activities and free tools that can be used in a variety of settings, from one-shots and workshops to semester-long courses in both synchronous and asynchronous settings.

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Canva and Design for Libraries: Learn Page Layout and Social Media Design

There are so many options in design it can be overwhelming. Join Jennifer Blair to learn skills and design principles that help you format and develop a design for print and digital media. This webinar focuses on image editing, stock photography, and basic tools in Canva and is ideal for beginners, especially those charged with marketing and design for their library.

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Library Programs for Homeschoolers: A Guide

There is a need for libraries to serve the growing population with resources. Join Christina Giovannelli Caputo, author of Library Services for Homeschoolers: A Guide, for a workshop on engaging homeschoolers and alternative learners in your community. Learn tips and tricks, proven programs, and so much more for this growing audience!

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Library Marketing 101

Are you a new marketer for your library? Would you like a refresher on marketing basics? Join Mark Aaron Polger to learn about the library marketing "umbrella" and differences between the terms outreach, marketing, promotions, communications, publicity, and public relations (PR).

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Reducing Burnout for Academic Library Workers who have Complicated Lives (AKA: Everybody)

Everyone has complicated lives. Individual practices that alleviate and reduce burnout are to everyone’s benefit, including parents of minor children. Join Jessica Lee, Mike Holt, and Robert Griggs-Taylor as they examine the interventions used to prevent burnout, along with institutional measures that respondents felt would make positive impacts on their immediate lives.

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