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Five Critical Skills to Lead an Organization—and How to Master Them

Ever feel like your job would be so much easier if you didn’t have to deal with “people issues”? Or if you didn’t have ten hours of work to cram into an eight-hour day? Join bestselling author, five-time entrepreneur, and Stanford business school faculty lecturer David Dodson to learn five critical skills of leading an organization—and the path toward mastering them!

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Library Boards and Intellectual Freedom: How to Combat Censorship with Your Library Trustees

As book bans and challenges continue to spread, your library board of trustees can be a valuable asset. In this webinar, Shannon Oltmann and Shannon Crawford Barniskis discuss forming and shaping your library board, educating them about book challenges and intellectual freedom, and fielding questions and concerns from the board. 

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Anxiety in Academia: Librarians' Guide to Recognizing, Responding, and Collaborating for Student Well-Being

Join Beatriz de la Espriella to delve into the intricate realm of anxiety, its impact on students, and how a trauma-informed approach can enhance overall well-being and academic success for students. This webinar is designed to empower librarians to recognize anxiety, understand their role in supporting student’s mental health, and recognize the importance of collaboration over direct intervention. 

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Forget Hogwarts: Bringing Coding to your Library Doesn't Have to Be Wizardry

In this webinar, Luke Miller teaches the skills you need to run a coding program, even if you don't know how to code! Come to learn the model being used in thousands of library coding programs around the world and walk away with a free resource kit to empower any library to start its own coding program.

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Engaging Talent from Day One: How to Welcome New Staff, Foster Relationships and Build Culture in an Organization

Join Amanda Johnson and Lauren Clossey to learn how to create an effective onboarding process to engage new hires, maximize employee potential and cater to each employee’s needs and skills. Together we’ll learn how onboarding works to support staff, reduce turnover, and increase productivity and value for your organization.

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Generation Z and Academic Libraries

In this generational snapshot, Hilary A. Craiglow and Stephanie Morgan will put this dynamic age group in context to help librarians understand the experiences and perspectives of our Gen Z students and team members. They will offer suggestions for meeting this generation where they are in our mutual learning and work.

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