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A woman in front of a ring light, filming herself on a smartphone

Create Engaging Training Videos with Your Smartphone

In this webinar, award-winning author Jonathan Halls will share tips from his latest book on how to structure training videos to support learning, film content with your smartphone that looks professional, and edit video using techniques from professionals to look awesome.

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Leveraging the Power of Advocates and the Devil’s Advocate in Change Management

When managing change initiatives, leaders need to engage and effectively utilize supporters who can reinforce key change messages and encourage others to adopt new behaviors. At the same time, leaders need to seek out opposition views. Join Kathryn Zukof to learn how to seek out both voices to improve project outcomes.  

A multiracial group of people talking around a table

Managing Effective Library Boards

Join John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary, to learn how to manage a successful library board by understanding their types, roles, and responsibilities. John will help directors recognize and differentiate between various board types and foster a board environment that is proactive, engaged, and responsive to community needs.

The word PRIVACY in gold letters on a background of gold computer networks

Digital Safety and Privacy for Librarians

Join Melody Karle for this webinar on digital safety and privacy. What guidance can we offer patrons to protect themselves online? What are the best tools and resources? What privacy and digital safety issues might we be overlooking? Melody will also discuss how AI and social media complicate these already challenging issues.

Linked puzzle pieces with images of a question mark, gears, and a lightbulb from left to right.

Build a Needs Assessment Strategy

Join Jody Lumsden to learn why a needs assessment is a critical first step in creating a focused, relevant, and strategic approach to learning and development. Conducting a needs assessment ensures that the efforts and resources your organization invests in training and development are both effective and efficient. 


An old-fashioned wooden card catalog

Surprise! You're a Cataloger

Have you found yourself responsible for cataloging with little or no previous experience? Is "cataloger" only one of many hats you wear at your library? This session will help you get started. Join Teressa Keenan to cover the basics of cataloging (focusing on books) to get your library’s materials out to your users! 

A human hand holding a brain in the style of a computer network

Navigating AI Ethics

Join David Hatami for this presentation on the critical importance of ethics in the development and deployment of AI systems. Participants will have a deeper understanding of the ethical landscape surrounding AI and the importance of proactively addressing these challenges to ensure the responsible and beneficial development of AI technologies.


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