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Library Education Webinars

Webinar: How to Handle Angry Customers

Originally presented Dec 12, 2018 In this one-hour webinar, Andrew Sanderbek takes a look at how we create stories around our experience with angry li...

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Adding Value to Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Value is at the core of every organization's purpose. Without value, organizations die. Libraries (and museums, archives, and galleries) have traditio...

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Google

Everyone knows how to use Google to conduct research, right? Wrong! There's a lot more to using this popular search engine than most people know. In t...

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Cultivating Connected Learning--Library Programs for Youth

Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom—it happens everywhere. The connected learning model supports this principle, asserting that young people...

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Creating the Sustainable Public Library

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Gary Shaffer, former library director and author of Creating the Sustainable Public Library, will show how to transform ...

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Student loan debt levels are at record highs, estimated at nearly $1.5 trillion, and over 44 million Americans impacted by student loans.  Chances are...

Academy Champions

Niche Academy Teams Up with Pressreader

We have a new agreement with PressReader that we're pretty happy about.

Webinars New Features


In this webinar we went through our exciting new features that were released on June 28th. We have enhanced our website widgets, added closed captions...

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Cultivating Strong Girls--Library Programming That Builds Self-Esteem and Challenges Inequality

In this webinar, Nancy Evans offers practical guidance on how to offer programming that will support the engagement, growth, and achievement of girls....

Webinars Library Education

Webinar: Transforming Your Library into a learning playground

In this webinar, Brittany Jacobs demonstrates how to transform the informal setting of a public library into a place where "play" in the guise of game...