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Disinformation and the Literary Landscape

December 14, 2022 

Join Nicole Cooke, the Augusta Baker Endowed Chair at USC, as she addresses our continued and collective battle against misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, and the related literacy concepts that can influence our interactions with information and help us intellectually thrive in a post-truth society.



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UX Research Methods for Libraries

January 11, 2023

Join Mark Aaron Polger as he introduces selected user research methods utilized in User Experience (UX) design. No matter what kind of library you're in, Mark will discuss various qualitative and quantitative research techniques and activities to help participants better understand library users.



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Level Up Your Book Displays

January 18, 2023

Book displays are more than a simple tool for passive Readers' Advisory. A well-crafted display captures patrons’ attention, sparks imagination, and sends subtle (or not-so-subtle) messages about your library’s values and institutional culture. Join Faithe Miller Lakowicz for practical approaches to maximize the impact of book and media displays.



Tobiason blog

Lateral Reading Mindset: Contextualizing Information Resources

January 25, 2023

Join Anders Tobiason for this presentation on the concept of lateral reading and how using lateral reading is different from traditional information resource evaluation techniques. Learn the theory behind lateral reading as well as practical applications that you can immediately apply to your own information literacy teaching practices. 



Norlin blog 2022

Blindsided at Work: One Strike and You're Out

February 1, 2023

Join Elaina Norlin for this webinar to explore a topic we rarely talk about in the workplace…how written and unwritten policies are weaponized to marginalize, penalize and push people out the door. As workplace organizations, we can do better. This webinar will discuss strategies to communicate clear expectations but lead with compassion, empathy and transparency.  



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Health Insurance Literacy and Older Adults

February 15, 2023

Many adults have difficulty knowing how to find a physician, fill a prescription, use and pay for medications, and use health information to make informed decisions about their health. Join Emily Vardell to explore how librarians can address the unmet information needs that make it difficult to make health insurance choices, particularly for seniors.



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