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Library Search Strategies: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box 

August 4, 2021

In order to better serve our library users, librarians need to think more creatively when assisting a user with a research topic. Join librarian Christopher Brown to go beyond thinking about what resources to search and focus instead on how to think about searching, using real search examples!  



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ConnectED: An Academic Library Program Designed to Support and Engage Students 

August 18, 2021

Experience some of the creativity and fun of the ConnectED program with Barb Eshbach as she presents how one academic library developed a program to provide out-of-classroom experiences designed to foster conditions that help students become academically and socially engaged!



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Family Homelessness and Libraries 

September 1, 2021

Join librarian Vikki Terrile for an overview of family homelessness in the United States and how libraries can support children and families in homeless situations. She will address the range of services and programming options you can offer, how to address barriers to creating and sustaining these services, and how to leverage these activities to advocate for families and for libraries.



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Soft Skills: The Tools Every Librarian Should Have

September 15, 2021

Being a successful librarian means more than knowing how to catalog, read a MARC record, or find resources for a student writing a paper. It means having soft skills that fill in gaps when theory and technical knowledge don’t answer patron questions or tell you how to be a team player. Join Melissa Lockaby to learn some of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that aren’t covered in a classroom, why they are important, and how they can make you a better librarian.



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Libraries and Reading: New Services Models for Patrons with Intellectual Disability

September 22, 2021

Join Matt Conner and Leah Plocharczyk for a detailed case study of the first reading club for those with ID at an academic library. This club is based on the model of the Next Chapter Book Club, a grass-roots movement for those with ID. Matt and Leah will address how these practices can be applied in public, academic, and school libraries at modest cost and their potential for creating new service models and meeting our professional goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.




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Is Your Website User-Friendly?

Over the last year, many libraries have seen an exponential increase in the number of online visitors they receive. Due to Covid restrictions and the ...

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Webinar: Building News Literacy: Supporting Tweens and Teens in Developing News Literacy Skills

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Webinar: Next Chapter: Partnering with Local Jails to Decrease Recidivism

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Webinar: Caring for the Mind: Providing Mental Health Information at your Library

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Training Student Workers in the Library

One of the earliest uses of Niche Academy at an academic library was a tutorial for student employees at Utah State University training them in safety...

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Webinar: Supporting Our Growing Transfer Student Population: The Value of Being an Informed and Collaborative Librarian

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Webinar: Engaging with Patrons on Social Media

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Webinar: Social Work in Rural and Small Libraries

Originally presented February 17, 2021 Many libraries across the country now have an additional yet untraditional resource to provide patrons - a soci...

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Webinar: I’m ready for my close up: Moving from face-to-face to webcam presentations

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