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Health Insurance Literacy and Older Adults

February 15, 2023

Many adults have difficulty knowing how to find a physician, fill a prescription, use and pay for medications, and use health information to make informed decisions about their health. Join Emily Vardell to explore how librarians can address the unmet information needs that make it difficult to make health insurance choices, particularly for seniors.



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Speaking Volumes: Podcasts for Patrons and Professionals

March 8, 2023

Interested in connecting to your community through storytelling? How about developing an oral history project? Perhaps you’d like a low-barrier way to inform and reach out to patrons? Junior Tidal will guide librarians through the lifecycle process of creating a podcast, including writing, recording, and publishing. Participants will learn how to plan a podcast, make a recording, and share episodes with listeners.



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Helping Consumers Navigate Sky-High Insurance

March 15, 2023

Join Dan Karr as he shares how big data and technology have combined to make understanding insurance reliable, accurate and easy. You'll learn how to find out how good any insurance company is for protecting and serving policyholders, and how to share that information with patrons!



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Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning Foster Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Accessibility Solutions (IDEAS) in Libraries

March 22, 2023

Communities are synonymous with diversity, and libraries are faced with unprecedented opportunities to lead a framework of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Solutions (IDEAS). Through principles of Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning, libraries can create and enhance access and accessibility for all patrons, including the 1 in 4 Americans who are labeled as having disabilities. Join Clayton Copeland to learn about the foundations of accessibility and universal design principles in communication, programming, services, and marketing.



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Going Beyond Captions: Creating Accessible Instructional Videos

March 29, 2023

Many libraries offer instructional videos for use on their websites. Unfortunately, research shows that oftentimes these videos are inaccessible to patrons with disabilities. Join Melissa Wong to learn to create fully accessible instructional videos. The webinar will put accessibility practices into context, introduce design practices that support accessibility, and introduce standards and practices for captions, transcripts, and descriptive audio.



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Leading the Way for Information Literacy: Planning, Promotion, and Policy

April 12, 2023

Changes in higher education, including increased attention to information literacy, have opened up opportunities for academic librarians. Join Laura Saunders for this webinar to discuss strategies for promoting information literacy programs and advocating for the role of these programs in the wider curriculum. Laura will also share advice for developing related policies.



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Building Community Through Book Clubs

April 19, 2023

Join Davina Morgan-Witts to explore actionable insights from BookBrowse’s report, "The Inner Lives of Book Clubs", based on two surveys of more than 5,000 book clubbers. Topics include: how the world of book groups is much broader than many perceive it to be, the factors most successful groups have in common, what book clubs look for in their books, what people want from a book group, and how well-placed public libraries are to meet this need.



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Display It! Kickstarting Library Exhibit Programs

April 26, 2023

Library collections are treasure troves of knowledge, and exhibits are fun and engaging opportunities to highlight resources and encourage discovery. Join Patti Gibbons to explore the key exhibit development, curation, and outreach advice and pick up tips to engage and wow visitors at your library. 



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