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Webinar: Change Management: Leveraging the Power of Advocates and the Devil’s Advocate

In this free one-hour webinar, Kathryn Zukof shares how leaders of change management can reinforce messages and encourage adoption of new behaviors.

Webinar: Change Management: Leveraging the Power of Advocates and the Devil’s Advocate

Originally presented June 12, 2024

When managing change initiatives, leaders need to engage and effectively utilize supportive stakeholders who are willing to reinforce key change messages and encourage others to try out and adopt new behaviors.  At the same time, leaders need to seek out, hear, and potentially act upon views that are in opposition to what the change is intended to accomplish or how the change is being implemented. 

In this webinar, Kathryn Zukof, author of The Hard and Soft Sides of Change Management: Tools for Managing Process and People, will explain how to tap into and leverage both perspectives - advocates and the devil’s advocate – during any change effort. Kathryn will describe actions leaders can take to enlist the participation of supportive stakeholders at every level in the organization to achieve the advocacy that’s needed for the change to succeed. And she’ll provide concrete steps leaders can take to actively seek out contrarian and critical viewpoints and use this information to improve project outcomes.

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