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Unpacking Conspiracy Theories: Ideas for Confronting the Hydra of the Information Age

June 7, 2023

Librarians (and others) who hope to promote information literacy and foster critical thinking skills too often find their voices drowned out by the chatter of conspiracy theories. Join Donald Barclay to examine the history, components, and appeal of conspiracy theories. Learn how to help students and others identify and avoid conspiracy theories, as well as reach out to those caught in the trap of conspiracist ideation.



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The Fight Against Book Bans: How Do We Move Forward?

June 14, 2023

Book challenges and bans have been on the rise across the nation since 2020, especially in public and school libraries. Join Shannon Oltmann to refresh your understanding of intellectual freedom, explore the rise in book challenges, consider how to respond to challenges, and draw on the experiences and perspectives of other library professionals.



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Partnerships for Student Success: Collaborating with Student Success Administrators

June 28, 2023

Join Cathlene McGraw and Amy Vecchione as they discuss tools and a guide to developing sustainable partnerships with student success administrators. Utilizing a case study of first-generation students and career education, participants can practice exploring partnerships and customizing for their institutional context.



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Managing Difficult Conversations

July 12, 2023

You can’t avoid difficult conversations. You have them with students, teachers, administrators, and occasionally parents. In every such situation, power is in play on both sides. Join Hilda Weisburg to learn what these powers are, which ones you have, and the best ones to use when dealing with difficult conversations.



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Developing a Compelling Teaching Philosophy Statement

July 19, 2023

Join Mark Aaron Polger to reflect on your teaching methods and compose a succinct teaching philosophy statement. This document will articulate your teaching beliefs, values, and assessment activities - and serve as a roadmap that will help navigate your teaching practices.



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Understanding Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

August 2, 2023

Join Emily Knox for this webinar on intellectual freedom and censorship. Emily will provide an overview of one of the core values of librarianship, intellectual freedom, including the history of the right to access information, the right to freedom of expression, and how censorship intersects with these values.



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Staff-Led Strategic Planning - A Roadmap to Success

August 9, 2023

Join Katy B. Mathuews and Ryan A. Spellman as they present an actionable plan for any type of library to navigate a staff-led strategic planning process. Katy and Ryan will cover how to structure your work, the steps to create the plan, and considerations for assessment.



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Fighting for the First

August 16, 2023

Censorship and book bans are a singular challenge facing public libraries. Attempts to ban or censor materials come in many shapes and from several different directions. Being properly equipped with digital tools, skills, and policy frameworks. Join John Chrastka, Founder and Executive Director of EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries, for a session on practical, actionable tips to protect your library and your community.



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Reducing Burnout for Academic Library Workers who have Complicated Lives (AKA: Everybody)

August 30, 2023

Everyone has complicated lives. Individual practices that alleviate and reduce burnout are to everyone’s benefit, including parents of minor children. Join Jessica Lee, Mike Holt, and Robert Griggs-Taylor as they examine the interventions used to prevent burnout, along with institutional measures that respondents felt would make positive impacts on their immediate lives. 



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