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Get More Value Out of Your LMS

Discover how HR and L&D professionals can take their learning management system beyond basic training.

Get More Value Out of Your LMS

A good LMS can help you onboard staff effectively and meet mandatory training requirements. But you can do so much more with a great LMS! Recognizing the possibilities can help you choose the best training and development platform for your organization.

Let's look at a few less obvious uses.

Evaluate Your Organizational Health

People often think of an LMS as a way to share information. But with the right tools, an LMS can also collect information and provide insight into organizational health

A platform with survey functionality can help you measure employee satisfaction, identify professional development needs, and more.

And one with robust reporting features can show your learners’  engagement level, track their progress, and uncover skill gaps. You can use this information to predict how training outcomes might impact the workplace—and then make adjustments to avoid problems before they happen.

An ideal LMS can help you identify workplace problems and implement learning solutions all in one place.

Build a Better Workplace Culture

The overall tone of a workplace is shaped over time by the actions of its members. If the mood is negative, a great LMS can help you build a better workplace culture.

Behaviors that create positive work experiences—like following equitable practices and providing constructive feedback—can be taught. But creating effective learning content takes time, money, and effort. An LMS that includes ready-made tutorials on these and other topics offers a huge advantage. 

With the right platform, you can easily provide focused learning with step-by-step guidance and the ability to practice new behaviors. So you—and the people you work with—can gain needed skills and insights to improve your workplace.

Future-Proof Your Workforce

The global pandemic’s lasting impact and the growing influence of artificial intelligence make it hard to predict the exact skills your workplace will require in the future. But studies by Vanguard and the World Economic Forum indicate “uniquely human” skills—like creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability—are becoming increasingly important.

So, the best way to future-proof your workforce is to offer your employees easy access to learning content on these important topics. 

An LMS that removes learning barriers is more likely to encourage a growth mindset—where everyone welcomes challenges because they know they are gaining needed skills to keep moving forward.

Must-Have Features for a Great LMS

Here at Niche Academy we take pride in offering a great LMS. Our training and development platform includes:

  • An easy-to-use interface for trainers and learners
  • Hundreds of customizable professionally-developed tutorials on topics like:
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Soft skills like critical thinking and others
    • Equitable Workplace Practices
  • Survey functionality and detailed reporting options
  • Seamless integration with your existing online presence for point-of-need training
  • Outstanding support from real people

We’d love to tell you more about all the ways we can help you get more out of your LMS. Training and reskilling existing staff is one of your organization's most important investments. Book a free demo today to learn how we can make it affordable and effective.

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