on November 10, 2022 Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Steps to Successful Community Engagement

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Originally presented November 9, 2022

In this webinar, Kay Cassell offers guidelines for community engagement - or how we can connect people with the library, using examples of successful community engagement.

Learn how to meet people where they are, build relationships, and use local and library data and asset mapping.

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides:
Steps to Successful Community Engagement Slides

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Steps to Successful Community Engagement Chat

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The Niche Academy marketplace contains hundreds of tutorials to support libraries, including these:

Library partnerships tutorial image--23547739-cac4-441a-933b-319e030b46c7_thumb

Library Partnerships 101

Successful partnerships leverage the skills and resources of multiple organizations to serve patrons in innovative and efficient ways. It takes time and effort to identify and build successful partnerships, but the results are worth it. And after a few short lessons to develop your skills, you’ll be ready to form new relationships and better serve patrons. 


Creating Diverse Spaces tutorial image--eada0ada-9045-4887-adb1-7f18aa5118b2_thumb

Creating Diverse Spaces

Libraries are core community institutions, and librarians want patrons to feel welcome. One way to make the library more welcoming is to help patrons see themselves in the building. Even small changes in the library’s physical space can greatly impact how your patrons feel about the library—and their place in it! 


Assessing Collection Diversity Audit tutorial imag--d7ba120a-c0cd-497b-9a2a-1344126eed3e_thumb

Assessing Collections with Diversity Audits

Many librarians spend a lot of time making sure library materials reflect the diversity of the community. But it can be hard to tell if the items you buy truly make the collection more diverse. Diversity audits quantify how well the collection represents the community. Instead of hoping for a well-rounded library, diversity audits help you know if the collection is truly diverse. 


Curating Diverse Collections image

Curating Diverse Collections

Librarians have the great privilege of building collections and the responsibility to make sure collections meet the community’s needs and expectations. Curating collections takes time, effort, and intention. But the result is a library that meets patron needs and reflects community diversity. 

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