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Webinar: Future-Proof Your Library

In this free one-hour webinar, Peter Bromberg provides practical, actionable tips to protect your library and your community from censorship.

Webinar: Future-Proof Your Library

Originally presented September 6, 2023

If there is a threat to your library, the key to preserving your organization is to align it with the priorities of local stakeholders, organizations, and elected officials.

Library stakeholders, allies, and partners need to be encouraged, equipped and enabled to advocate for what they believe in - and what your library stands for.

Join John Chrastka, founder and executive director of EveryLibrary, to learn smart, effective ways to engage stakeholders in the face of a crisis and how to get organized for successful advocacy.

Click below to experience this webinar as a tutorial. When you continue past the introduction to the webinar, you'll be prompted to log in. We require login to view the whole tutorial so we can provide certificates of completion for your records and for professional development credit. No purchase is required and you can create a Niche Academy account if you don't already have one. The certificate will be available for download when you have completed all sections of the tutorial.  


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