on June 23, 2022 Library Education Webinars

Webinar: A New Frontier - Setting Your Library Up for Remote Work Success

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Originally presented June 22, 2022

For many professions, working remotely is standard practice. For librarians, it is often seen as a wild and forbidden frontier. While we know that librarians are able to step outside the traditional library space, and into the comfort of an at-home office, or a sandy somewhere else, there needs to be productive - and sometimes difficult -  conversations that lay the foundation for success. 

Join author and librarian Molly Virello as she discusses how librarians can lay the framework for successful remote work in a library setting. The focus of this webinar is about the conversations library staff, managers, and other library leadership should have (or at least keep in mind) in order to create library-specific remote work policies, including laying out expectations, term limits, and criteria in order to facilitate working outside of traditional library spaces. These conversations can bring remote work that much closer for librarians, ranging in time from a few hours to a few months. 

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