Originally presented November 2, 2022

Many libraries, both public and academic, have initiated or increased online instructional offerings in the past few years. In addition to allowing us to maintain safety protocols during the pandemic, online instruction allows us to reach a wider audience, even removing barriers for some patrons who might otherwise not have participated.

At the same time, many of us find it challenging to engage our learners during online instruction, especially with large groups or with patrons who are not as technically savvy.

Through demonstration and hands-on participation, Melissa Wong and Laura Saunders introduce participants to free, low-barrier strategies and tools to incorporate active participation into any online instruction. Participants will leave with a set of tools and specific ideas to lead engaging, interactive sessions. 

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Encouraging Engagement in Online Instruction Slides

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Encouraging Engagement in Online Instruction

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Encouraging Engagement in Online Instruction Chat

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Instruction in Libraries and Information Centers: An Introduction

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Making Citations Easier

Making Citations Easier

Many students find citations confusing or boring to put together. Sometimes it can seem like dealing with citations takes you away from actually writing! But there are ways to make citations easier. Using citation generators and managers can save time, make research more efficient, and help you cite like a pro! 


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U.S. Copyright Basics for Libraries

Many library services depend on copyright and fair use laws. These laws are complicated and confusing, but essential for libraries. Without them, some of our most basic services, like lending items, wouldn’t exist. Learning about copyright and fair use helps you understand the rights and responsibilities of creators, users, and libraries—which means you can be more confident serving patrons.


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Research Essentials: Effective Search Techniques

Databases are powerful tools, but they can be overwhelming. Sometimes they return too many results—or too few. And sometimes results seem like they don’t match your topic at all! A few key strategies can help you choose the right database, search quickly and effectively, and refine your results to get exactly what you need. 


Common Sources and Search Tools Thumbnail

Research Essentials: Common Sources and Search Tools

Imagine your instructor asks you to find two primary and three secondary sources; all have to be peer-reviewed, and you have no idea what any of this means. A lot of different terms are used in academic research, and if no one explains what they mean, it can feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. This tutorial will get you familiar with different kinds of sources and where to find them so research assignments feel more manageable! 

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