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Webinar: Q & A 101: Interview Questions and Answers

In this free one-hour webinar, Melissa Lockaby helps reduce interview anxiety by reviewing common questions and their answers.

Webinar: Q & A 101: Interview Questions and Answers

Originally presented October 18, 2023

A new job can be stressful. It means change - going from a workplace and coworkers you know to a new organization, unfamiliar department, and/or different colleagues. But, before you can even start a new job, there’s getting through the interview process and worrying about how to make the best impression.

At best, the interview is a nerve-racking hour of questions. At worst, it seems like an interrogation that may last for hours leaving you exhausted at the end. You can reduce your anxiety by preparing for the interview; specifically, think about the questions you might be asked and formulate your answers ahead of time.

Join Melissa Lockaby to hear some common interview questions and their answers - and get a better idea of what prospective employers are looking for in your responses. 

Click below to experience this webinar as a tutorial. When you continue past the introduction to the webinar, you'll be prompted to log in. We require login to view the whole tutorial so we can provide certificates of completion for your records and for professional development credit. No purchase is required and you can create a Niche Academy account if you don't already have one. The certificate will be available for download when you have completed all sections of the tutorial.  


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