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Webinar: Library Programs for Homeschoolers: A Guide

In this free one-hour webinar, Christina Giovannelli Caputo helps you engage homeschoolers and alternative learners in your community.

Webinar: Library Programs for Homeschoolers: A Guide

Originally presented November 1, 2023

With over 4.3 million homeschoolers reported by the US Census Bureau’s household pulse survey, there is a need for libraries to serve the growing population with resources.

Join Christina Giovannelli Caputo, author of Library Services for Homeschoolers: A Guide, for a workshop on engaging homeschoolers and alternative learners in your community.

Learn tips and tricks, proven programs, and so much more for this growing audience!

Click below to experience this webinar as a tutorial. When you continue past the introduction to the webinar, you'll be prompted to log in. We require login to view the whole tutorial so we can provide certificates of completion for your records and for professional development credit. No purchase is required and you can create a Niche Academy account if you don't already have one. The certificate will be available for download when you have completed all sections of the tutorial.  

Niche Academy Webinar – Library Programs for Homeschoolers

Click the links below to download additional resources: 

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Library Programs for Homeschoolers Audio Transcript
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