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Webinar: Libraries and the Substance Abuse Crisis

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Originally presented December 7, 2022

The opioid epidemic, and other behavioral health issues, such as alcohol and drug abuse, directly impact every community across the nation and, by extension, public libraries' daily work.

Because libraries are trusted guardians of information and vital community centers, people struggling with addictive behaviors and their family members and friends often turn to the library for help. But many library workers feel overwhelmed and unprepared to serve these patrons in an effective and empathetic way.

Join Cindy Grove, author of Libraries and the Substance Abuse Crisis: Supporting Your Community, for this webinar. Cindy uses the book as a foundation and focus on the increasing needs and limited resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The book encourages participants to turn their fears and uncertainty into strengths and empowerment. It also offers to-the-point guidance on welcoming people with substance use disorders and their loved ones through policy, materials, outreach, collaboration, programs, and services.


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Libraries and the Substance Abuse Crisis Slides

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Libraries and the Substance Abuse Crisis Chat

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