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Originally presented May 10, 2023

Online instruction is here to stay and Emily Mroczek, author of Online Instruction: A Practical Guide for Librarians, is here to give you ready-to-use tips for establishing and perfecting online instruction at your organization.

This webinar specifically focuses on transferring pedagogy to digital instruction and creating inclusive, detailed, and streamlined policies and procedures for your organization.

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Online Instruction: Practical Tips for Librarians Slides

Online Instruction: Practical Tips for Librarians Chat Transcript

Online Instruction: Practical Tips for Librarians Audio Transcript

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The Niche Academy marketplace contains hundreds of tutorials to support libraries, including these:


Making Citations Easier

Many students find citations confusing or boring to put together. But there are ways to make citations easier. Help students use citation generators and managers to save time, make research more efficient, and cite like a pro! 


UPDATED Copyright Basics

U.S. Copyright Basics for Libraries

Many library services depend on copyright and fair use laws. These laws are complicated and confusing, but essential for libraries. Without them, some of our most basic services, like lending items, wouldn’t exist. Learning about copyright and fair use helps you understand the rights and responsibilities of creators, users, and libraries—which means you can be more confident serving patrons.


UPDATED CMDCTRL FCritical Thinking: The Power of Command/Control F

It’s good practice to read carefully, but it takes time. And whether you’re deep in a research project or trying to keep up with social media, time can seem like it’s in short supply. Help students learn how to use the Command/Control F function to quickly determine if an article matches its headline, an argument matches its social media post, or research matches your needs.


UPDATED Lateral Reading

Critical Thinking: Lateral Reading 

Slow, thorough reading might work for print sources, but it doesn’t work for online sources—especially when they are fake, misleading, or trying to get you to buy into an idea without thinking too hard or digging too deep. In this tutorial, you’ll help students learn about lateral reading, a strategy for analyzing online information that results in reading less, but learning more.

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