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Webinar: Designing Student-Centered Research Guides

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Originally presented July 13, 2022

Creating and maintaining research guides that students actually use is an ongoing challenge for many librarians. 

To design a LibGuides subject guide “blueprint” that would increase student usage, Amy E. G. Barker, Instructional Design Librarian, and Ashley T. Hoffman, Research Support Librarian, of Kennesaw State University Library System conducted a mixed-methods usability research study. 

In this webinar, the presenters give an overview of their study and highlight practical design tips that will be easily transferable to other libraries. 

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides and chat transcript:
Designing Student-Centered Research Guides Slides

Designing Student-Centered Research Guides Chat Transcript

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Amy and Ashley have made a template of the guide available on the Springshare community. You can find it by choosing "copy content / layout from an existing guide" and then select "Community Guides". Search for either "Subject Guide Blueprint - Undergrad" or "https://libguides.kennesaw.edu/subguideblueprint".

BarkerHoffman Screenshot for Guide Template

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