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Originally presented November 16, 2022

English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation groups can be a valuable addition to your library’s programming calendar. These sessions provide an opportunity for non-native speakers to practice listening and speaking skills in a safe and welcoming environment. They may be offered with a minimal investment of time and resources, and attendance is virtually unlimited. Hosting conversation groups does not require a high degree of subject area knowledge or formal teaching experience.

Join Claudia Ratay to learn more about hosting an ESL conversation group. Following this webinar, participants will be able to select appropriate topics that can result in productive, engaging conversations. Various scenarios will also be discussed allowing participants to learn how to successfully manage typical challenges that arise in these meetings.

Whether your library already has a conversation program in place, or if you are considering launching one, this webinar will present techniques that have contributed to the success of the South Holiday Library English as a Second Language conversation program.

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ESL Conversation Groups: Up Close and Personal Slides

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ESL Conversation Groups: Up Close and Personal Chat

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