We help libraries deliver experiences of delight for their customers

We do this with tutorials that tell people about library resources and help people learn how to use them. We also help library staff become more confident and effective. Library staff are the most powerful drivers of customer experiences.

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For Public Libraries...


Niche Academy provides tutorials and online learning tools specifically for the needs of public libraries including:

  • Website widgets and ready-to-use tutorials to help patrons become more aware of and more comfortable using library resources like eBooks, language learning tools, streaming movies, and research databases.
  • Social media tutorials to answer common questions about tools like Facebook, Linked-In, and Goodreads.
  • Essential training and learning tracking for library staff training in things like basic tech skills, survival Spanish, how to deal with angry customers... and much more, 
  • A way to teach people how to use your maker space, even set up an automated "Certified Maker" program.
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For Academic Libraries...

Niche Academy's online training solution for academic libraries includes:

  • Information Literacy tutorials for new students--"Authoring Research Questions", "Finding the Right Sources",  and "Better Search Techniques", for example.
  • Tutorials on how to use specific databases.
  • Flexible, point-of-need delivery so you can offer tutorials anywhere they're needed, LibGuides, an intranet, an LMS...
  • Completion certificates and learner reports that make it easy for faculty to include library training in their courses.
  • A beautifully simple authoring tool that makes it easy to create your own online training.
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Be a part of the collaborative project

Reopening Lives with the Library

A collection of freely available tutorials for and by libraries

providing reliable resources for patrons and staff.

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Niche Academy helps all libraries...

Customize Existing Training

Many libraries have similar training needs. Why start with a blank slate when you can customize a tutorial someone else has begun for you?

Create New Training

Creating new training in Niche Academy is as easy as typing. Add pictures or videos to make it more interesting, but always keep it simple.

Offer Closed Captions

Tutorials created by Niche Academy include closed captioning. When you create your own videos, you can also upload your own captions.

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