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With Niche Academy, the Learning System Made for Direct Care Providers

Make a difference in the life of your clients with a learning solution designed for mission-driven organizations. Create a healthier workplace culture to drive recruitment, increase retention, and improve outcomes for every patient. 

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Facing These Challenges?
Here’s How Niche Academy Can Help 

flash Time-Consuming Audits

Audits tend to be labor-heavy, and require extensive documentation.

Ensure that employees are effectively trained in how to document care and meet the needs of individual clients with tracked training that helps your organization always be audit ready.

flash Limited Funding

State agencies don’t provide as much funding as you need, and labor-intensive documentation is a constant drain on resources.

Eliminate waste and provide cost-effective leadership development, staff training, and other productivity-boosting education that has provable value to the state.

flash Staff Turnover

Good caregivers are hard to find and retain because of low wages and the work's physically and emotionally demanding nature.

Create a healthy and resilient workplace that will keep employees happy in the long term and turn them into star recruiters.

flash Liability & Risk

Clients have complex health challenges that often require intensive interventions, scheduled medications, and other risk-laden challenges.

Mitigate the risk of complex health challenges with customizable, client-specific training that also lowers liability.

A Seamless Solution for Client-Specific Training   

Niche Academy makes creating new tutorials as easy as sending an email. With client-specific tutorial templates and ready-to-use descriptions of common conditions, our customizable platform helps your staff meet the needs of each individual client. 


 Flexible Training & Features Within Your Budget 


Client-Specific Training Creation  

Create client-specific tutorials with a click of a button using custom tutorial creation features and our ready-to-use condition descriptions, so staff are fully trained in each client's unique needs.  


Comprehensive Tutorial Marketplace 

Provide expertly-crafted, on-demand training in essential topics, including must-know compliance areas like HIPAA, online security, recognizing and responding to abuse, the Federal False Claims Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and person-centered care. 


Simple Training Assignment & Tracking 

Assign training and due dates to specific teams, ensure learners only see the training they need, and track learner progress automatically and in real-time.  


Interactive Elements & Reports 

Enhance the mastery of key skills and concepts with interactive training elements like response prompts, knowledge checks, and activities. 

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Pick the training that’s best for you and customize it as you choose.


Let Niche Academy go to work for you, building staff confidence and improving customer outcomes.


I'd been looking for training for a while and yours, it's good content. I think it's awesome that I don't have to create the content myself. You know the theory and the science behind adult learning. 


Sam Brown, Owner, ManaTraining Consultants


Niche Academy it's super easy to understand, navigate and go through.


Naomi Kone, Owner, Uintah Forever Living 

Try Niche Academy
For Yourself 

Start a free 30-day trial to access a full-featured academy, including the tutorial marketplace, custom tutorial creation, and more. You'll be able to invite colleagues to review the academy and play around with our high-impact interface and see how it can work for you. 
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Are accessibility features available?

Yes. Niche Academy is compliant with the WCAG 2.1 standard at the AA level. This is something we work hard to maintain as we continuously update the platform. If you spot anything that’s slipped through our testing, please let us know. A thorough enumeration of our compliance level is available in the Niche Academy Accessibility Conformance Report.

Are we limited to a certain number of training and support hours?

No. A Niche Academy subscription includes unlimited professional support. See the answer above on what’s included in the price.

Are there limits on the number of users?

No. One of the essential advantages of our cloud-based architecture is the ability to add resources (more memory, more processors, faster processors, more storage...) should the demand on our servers ever require it. We have active alarms in place to alert us if we ever begin to approach our usage thresholds.

We keep our readily available resources comfortably above our observed usage patterns. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, we saw an eightfold increase in usage within a matter of days without any degradation in the responsiveness of our service.

What maintenance & support is included with a Niche Academy subscription?

Niche Academy provides live technical support during business hours. There is no additional charge levied for Niche Academy support and there are no support tiers. Small customers get the same thoughtful attention as everyone else.  

All aspects of initial onboarding are included in the Niche Academy support offering including:

  • The creation of customer academies and initial population of appropriate tutorials from the Niche Academy marketplace.
  • Basic configuration of tutorials within each customer academy including invitation of learners, the addition of custom links, and showing or hiding available tutorial elements appropriately for the intended audience.
  • The implementation of LTI integration with your campus LMS.
  • Live training calls with all customer staff that need to learn how to use Niche Academy.

What’s the process for reaching Niche Academy support?

Niche Academy support specialists can be reached by phone, by email, or through questions submitted within the platform itself. In addition to the live support, Niche Academy provides a searchable knowledge base and a collection of self-paced help tutorials covering basic administrative tasks and the process for tutorial creation.


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