Policies and Procedures Training
Client-Specific Training

We deliver ready-to-use training based on best practices, Use as-is or quickly adapt it to your local needs.

What if your training process was immune to staff turnover?

Even your best people sometimes move on. With Niche Academy, you can ensure that your training process is consistent and high quality for all employees, no matter who comes and goes.

When you update or adapt Niche Academy training for your local needs, those changes are immediately available to your employees.

About Us

We work with every customer one-on-one. Because we're a subscription-based business we have to make sure every customer succeeds. Our future depends on it.

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Regulatory compliance is a a big part of caring for people with disabilities. Niche Academy training reduces your compliance overhead in a big way.


At any moment, you need to know who has been trained, who hasn't and who's in progress. Niche Academy provides real-time progress tracking reports.


How does Niche Academy reduce compliance overhead?

We show staff how to manage compliance requirements effectively.

Three specific examples:

Form Completion

Niche Academy ensures that every employee is familiar with all required forms. The training teaches what each form is for and when it needs to be used. It shows what properly completed forms look like and even provides printable copies whenever appropriate.

Training Verification

Employees need to be able to use training in their daily work before you can check your compliance boxes. Niche Academy training gives you quizzes and hands-on exercises so you can check for understanding.

Progress Reports

You need to know at a glance who has completed the training, and whether they've done it within the required timeframe. Niche Academy learner reports perfectly balance flexibility with ease of use.

“Niche Academy has made it so much easier to consistently deliver quality training to our employees and keep track of who has been trained.”

Kathy Staiger - Owner of Better Life Better Care

“There were times when effective and verifiable training for every employee seemed like an impossible goal. That was before Niche Academy.”

Gina Adams - Manager at Better Life Better Care

How do I keep track of who has been trained?

Learner Progress Reports

Niche Academy Learner Reports strike a perfect balance between quick answers and the ability to ask many different questions.

  • Want to know who has yet to complete their assigned training? Compare the Enrolled column with the Completed column.
  • Looking for who has completed the training most recently? Sort by the Date Completed column.
  • Looking for a specific employee? Begin typing the name and the list will immediately filter. Click the employee's name for more detail.
  • Need to check for people with likely gaps in understanding? Sort by Avg Quiz Score.



Client-Specific Training

Every client has unique preferences and conditions. These are things employees need to understand before they can work with clients effectivley.

Niche Academy training provides ready-to-use training for individual medical and psychological conditions. Niche Academy allows you to select the conditions applicable to each client and then quickly add needed information about the preferences and personality of an individual client.

The result is highly personalized yet easy-to-assemble staff training that exactly matches the needs of each client.

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