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Effortlessly introduce your discipline-specific databases and teach essential research skills.

A Niche Academy subscription includes tutorials that can be embedded in any online environment, a website, LibGuides, an LMS, or even just an email to deliver instruction exactly at the point of need. Click on the images below to see a sample of those tutorials:

EBSCO Datababses

Introductions to specific databases, how to search, and use EBSCO document tools.

Free Citation Generators

Intro to some of the freely available tools for generating MLA, APA, and other citations.

Gale Databases

Introductions to specific Gale databases, how to search, and use Gale Document Tools.

Proquest News

A number of databases dedicated to major newspapers from the United States and beyond.


How to use this large collection of scholarly articles, trade publications, and dissertations.

Paraphrasing and Summarizing

The right way to incorporate other writers' ideas into your own work without using direct quotes.


Your Own Library Branding

Whether they're using Niche Academy tutorials on a mobile device or embedded in the library website, the only branding shown will be yours.

Niche Academy tutorials look and feel like they come from your library, and because they're so easy to customize, they often do. Why create your library instruction from scratch when you can simply tweak a Niche Academy tutorial to match your unique needs?

If it feels like a teaching librarian's dream, it's because that's where the idea came from.

Finding the Right Sources Learner

Ready for Faculty Use

Many university instructors need their students to understand the essentials of information literacy, but don't want to spend class time covering it. With Niche Academy the library can give faculty an easy way to add library and information literacy instruction right into a course syllabus.

Maybe it's a tutorial about finding the right research source material. Maybe it's an introduction to a subject-specific database. Whatever the specific context, Niche Academy makes it easy for the library to deliver critical instruction that gets to the heart of the mission of the institution.

Academic Library Create Tutorial

Create your own training

When you want to create your own in-house tutorials, Niche Academy lets you get more people involved. The tool is simple enough that it really doesn't require specialized training. Anyone that can use a word processor can create a tutorial. And you still have the power to create quizzes and interactive activities.

The interface is clean enough that you can actually toggle between learner view and the editing view. 

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