Improved Customer Outcomes 

Access thousands of existing tutorials, create new self-service options for customers, and enable new efficiencies for staff with a platform that understands your goals, your workload, your priorities, and your lived reality. 


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Exceed Customer Service Expectations


Academic Libraries

Scale your care for students and faculty with interactive self-service tutorials delivered at the point of need—in an email, on a webpage, or within a regular online course.


Public Libraries

Meet the needs of your most vulnerable and challenging patrons with ongoing training in trauma-informed services for libraries.



Equip program managers and volunteers with the confidence to deliver exceptional experiences with fundamental training such as de-escalation techniques, writing a professional email, and creating an e-newsletter.


Direct Care Providers

Deliver the highest quality of care at a sustainable cost with tools and templates for creating client-specific staff training.


Give Customers an Experience
They’ll Want to Talk About 

flash Serve With Confidence

Give staff the knowledge they need to handle difficult conversations and uncomfortable topics with expertly crafted tutorials on race and implicit bias.

flash Stay Informed

Stay updated with the latest guidance and best practices on improving the customer experience with timely and continually updated training tailored to mission-driven organizations like yours.

flash Tackle Tough Situations

Support your staff by creating an organizational culture that promotes employee confidence in handling challenging situations, including aggressive and inappropriate customer behavior.

Take Your Service Quality to the Next Level 

Every mission-driven organization exists to serve and is ultimately sustained by the quality of its customer experience. Provide your staff with the tools and training they need to elevate service with Niche Academy’s intuitive learning platform.   


Engaging, Trackable Training
for Staff & Customers  


Self-Service Tutorials
for Customers 

Reduce staff workload and improve customer satisfaction by giving customers immediate answers to their questions using self-service tutorials delivered via email, your website, or even within another learning management system.


Ongoing Customer Service Training 

Make sure training doesn’t get forgotten. Deliver microlearning sessions continually over time to help learners build mastery of concepts and practical skills, so your team is ready for whatever comes their way. 


Learner Reports 

Don’t settle for a checkbox approach to instruction. Measure mastery of concepts and skills with Niche Academy’s customizable reports that show learning outcomes from interactive elements like quizzes, activities, response prompts, polls, and surveys

Get Started in 3 Steps!


Set up a free trial of the Niche Academy platform.


Pick the training that’s best for you and customize it as you choose.


Let Niche Academy go to work for you, building staff confidence and improving outcomes.


Niche Academy has been extremely useful to our organization. We use it for a variety of things and have created a lot of different training pages and information pages. It's easy to use and our staff finds it helpful in their work.


Utah State University



My favorite things about Niche Academy are the ease of use, and the fact that it was very specifically targeted to be of use to people in my line of work.


Jenny L., Community Engagement Librarian

    Happier Customers & Happier Staff

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