Simplified Compliance Training 

Meet legal training obligations, alleviate awkwardness, and keep learners informed on topics essential to libraries, direct care providers, municipalities, and other mission-driven organizations. 


Trusted by 1700+ Organizations

Meet Your Organization’s
Compliance Requirements 


Academic Libraries 

 Extend the impact of key initiatives like DEI, cyber-security, and anti-harassment from professional staff to student workers and paraprofessionals. 


Public Libraries 

Strengthen your organization’s resilience, safety, and culture with training on cybersecurity, sexual harassment, bullying, and other critical workplace topics.  



Keep all employees informed and trained in critical topics like sexual harassment, safety, and online security.  


Direct Care Providers 

Increase the confidence of caregivers while meeting legal compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Federal False Claims Act, and other mandatory regulations. 


Quick and Easy Compliance Training 

flash Make Training Fast and Digestible

Provide learners with high-impact tutorials that are easy to understand, quick to take, and expertly designed based on best practices.

flash Meet Legal Training Requirements

Protect your organization from liability with training in essential topics, including sexual harassment, HIPAA, Americans with Disabilities Act, DEI, and other areas that reduce risk.

flash Measure Training Impact

Further reduce liability by verifying not just completion, but concept mastery with learner reports and other progress-tracking features so managers can ensure that all mandatory training has been completed and understood.

Make Vital Compliance Training a Breeze 

Ensure learners gain necessary knowledge without wasted time or awkwardness with Niche Academy’s expertly-made compliance tutorials on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), sexual harassment, cybersecurity, and other required topics.  


Deliver Mandatory Training
to Your Entire Organization


Recognizing, Responding to, and Preventing Sexual Harassment   

Ensure your staff knows how to recognize sexual harassment, identify its effects, respond to harassing behavior if it occurs, and take steps to prevent it in the first place with Niche Academy’s time-efficient tutorials. 


Respectful Workplaces & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) 

Create a positive, innovative, and resilient workplace by ensuring your team understands anti-discriminatory laws and fosters a welcoming environment for diverse perspectives. 


Cybersecurity Training 

Protect your organization from growing online threats with training in practical and smart habits that prepare staff for the most serious threats and challenges. 

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Pick the training that’s best for you and customize it as you choose.


Let Niche Academy go to work for you, building staff confidence and improving outcomes.


Niche Academy has really helped in our staff training. It keeps everything in one area, it's easy to sign people up and assign them tutorials. It has really improved our training time and quality.


Jace Schindler, COO, Roost Services



Niche makes it possible for us to provide training in-house for our staff in a highly efficient manner and gives high-quality video tutorials for our patrons which makes the library look very professional.


Jennifer Coulter, Librarian, Pound Ridge Library

pound ridge

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