Provide Effective Onboarding & Professional Development

Streamline onboarding and equip your staff with the best professional development tools using Niche Academy’s expertly made and customizable tutorials that will help you create efficient training models based on your organization’s unique needs. 


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Streamline Training & Onboarding
at Your Organization 


Academic Libraries

Take your craft to the next level and make the library a model of inclusive practice with Niche Academy tutorials for student workers and professionals on DEI, ethical best practices, and more. 


Public Libraries

Make your library a symbol of customer service with a learning platform that makes it easy to teach all staff must-know skills, from trauma informed services to de-escalation techniques. 



Mitigate your most serious risks with pre-recorded tutorials on essential topics, including safety, cybersecurity, sexual harassment, and more. 


Direct Care Providers

Attract the best people and reduce turnover by building a thriving organizational culture with management training on conflict resolution, mentorship, explicit expectations, and more. 


The Training Program Made for You 

flash Simplify Onboarding

Easily use online and hybrid training models to make onboarding inclusive, engaging, and seamless.

flash Establish Effective Training Models

Combine in-house custom training with tutorials created by Niche Academy and peer organizations for a comprehensive custom program.

flash Promote Staff Retention

Reduce staff churn with professional and growth development tutorials that promote a positive, productive workplace.

Address Your Unique Training & Onboarding Needs 

Your organization is unique, so your training should be, too. With Niche Academy, you can create custom training to further your team’s professional growth, access expertly made tutorials created for organizations just like yours, and track training and onboarding progress to ensure maximum retention and effectiveness. 


Features to Maximize
Training Retention & Effectiveness


Custom Tutorial
Creation Tools

Creating a custom tutorial is as easy as sending an email with Niche Academy, whose user-friendly, intuitive tools let you tailor training programs to your organization’s unique needs. 


Tutorial Marketplace 

Set effective onboarding and professional development foundations for your organization by accessing effective, on-demand tutorials carefully crafted by experts in instructional design and adult learning. 


Reports & Tracking 

Invite learners and track training and onboarding progress easily with automatic individual and organization-wide reports that ensure learners are developing the skills they need. 

Get Started in 3 Steps!


Set up a free trial of the Niche Academy platform.


Pick the training that’s best for you and customize it as you choose.


Let Niche Academy go to work for you, building staff confidence and improving outcomes.


Niche Academy is a great training tool for library staff. It is also a great tool for tutorials to help patrons learn to use databases, social media, and other applications.


Dianne Staab, Library Manager, Ruidoso Public Library 



I'm happy with it. It's hard to make it any easier than to put all the information right in front of every coach and every parent in our sports programs.


Adam Siebert, Parks Supervisor, City of Norwalk

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