Libraries Supporting Online Learning: New Strategies and Best Practices in response to COVID-19

December 2, 2020

Join Christina Mune to discover, discuss, and share the latest strategies and best practices for engaging online learners from the library.






The Efficient Library: Simple changes that help librarians save time and improve service, in both ordinary and extraordinary times

December 9, 2020

Join Elizabeth Barrera Rush to learn about simple changes that librarians and administrators can make to save time and improve service in any type of library (academic, school, special) so they can continue to provide outstanding service by responding quickly to the changing needs of stakeholders.




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Marketing eResources and Demonstrating Their Programming Potential

January 20, 2021

Join Sonya Schryer Norris and Liz Breed to walk through how they’ve applied industry-standard best marketing practices. They'll do five deep dives from real life experiences marketing eResources (including Niche Academy) and point out the how’s and why’s of what works and what doesn’t.





Library as Small Press: How To Publish Creative Books To Serve Your Patrons

January 27, 2021

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basic steps to publishing and promoting a print and digital book as well as ideas for programming and community partnerships stemming from your book. Examples from libraries across North American are included, as well as tips for publishing on a budget.





I’m ready for my close up: Moving from face-to-face to webcam presentations

February 10, 2021

Join Tiffini Travis to learn practical tools to help you present online, engage your audience, improve your presentation skills (both-in person and online) and enhance your image via webcam.





Engaging with Patrons on Social Media

March 3, 2021

Join Tiffany Breyne, Communications Coordinator at Skokie Public Library (IL), to learn practical tips on how to crowd-source content from staff and followers, tools to make social posts easier to plan ahead, which platforms are less (or more) time consuming, and how to promote advisory and librarian expertise online.




Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Navigating Screens

Originally presented May 13, 2020 Many library professionals feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of media development and unprepared to advise parents a...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Reopening Lives with the Library

Originally presented May 6, 2020 As libraries look towards reopening, many of us are anticipating a surge of patrons with questions about unemployment...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Building Confidence in Digital Resources

Originally presented January 17, 2020 In this free 45-minute webinar Jared Oates, COO of Niche Academy, explains the features and benefits of Niche Ac...

New Features

Introduction to sequence

This week, we’ve released the first steps in a project we call “Sequence”. Our vision for Sequence is a light and easy-to-use authoring tool.  Here is...

Library Education The Future of Libraries

Information Literacy Perceptions Survey Results

Summary Over the last 2 decades, academic libraries have experienced dramatic transformations. The need for some services that were once essential to ...

The Future of Libraries

Library Education Perceptions Survey

Many thoughtful and well informed people have proposed new visions and ways forward for libraries in the dramatically altered information landscape of...

Academy Champions

Niche Academy Teams Up with Pressreader

We have a new agreement with PressReader that we're pretty happy about.

Library Education The Future of Libraries

Of Fads and Fundamentals

Last month's Library Journal highlighted a little library that could: the Fairmont Community Library Center, a branch of the Mississippi Valley Librar...

Library Education

The Case For Local Online Tutorials

Large groups of people in many parts of the world feel threatened and disoriented by global economic changes that are hard to interpret and even harde...

Library Marketing

3 Fixes for The Most Common Library Marketing Mistakes

Marketing, in the library world, is how we communicate our value to the people we serve. With effective marketing, we help potential users understand ...

Library Marketing

Library UX: 3 Rules for A Beautiful Website On Any Budget

Most of the patrons using the computers in your library and everyone who is connecting from outside the library will interact with your website. Given...

Library Education Homelessness

3 Common Mistakes in Working With Homeless Patrons

If you work regularly with homeless patrons, you've likely encountered uncomfortable situations where communication seems to fail despite your best ef...

Library Education The Future of Libraries Homelessness

What Your Homeless Patrons Can Do For You

The common mode, especially in large urban public libraries, is to speak of the challenges presented by our homeless patrons. They make other patrons ...

Library Marketing Library Education Webinars

Webinar: 15 Free Ways to Effectively Promote Your Library

Originally presented Oct. 14, 2016 For this webinar, we partnered with Kathleen O'Dell, the Community Relations Director at the Springfield Missouri P...

Library Education Homelessness Webinars

Webinar: Effective Responses to Homeless Issues

Originally presented September 8, 2016 The challenges surrounding homelessness can seem overwhelming The homeless people taking refuge in your library...