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How Suffolk Public library increased e-Resource Circulations by 70% In 1 Year

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Since 2014, Niche Academy has been helping libraries all over the world dramatically increase their eResource circulation, with many seeing growth of 70% in just one year.

Currently trusted by over 800 library systems (including state libraries, consortia, public library systems of every size, and academic libraries), Niche Academy has a 95% renewal rate and is a multi-year winner of the Modern Library Award with Platinum Distinction.

Watch the video below to learn more, and make sure to visit our Public Libraries page.



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Jared Oates

Jared comes to Niche Academy with a love for teaching and learning. He's a self-taught software engineer and graduated from college with two teaching-emphasis degrees. He finds endless fascination in the ways that new technology changes lives and reshapes the world around him.

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