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Marketing eResources and Demonstrating Their Programming Potential

January 20, 2021

Join Sonya Schryer Norris and Liz Breed to walk through how they’ve applied industry-standard best marketing practices. They'll do five deep dives from real life experiences marketing eResources (including Niche Academy) and point out the how’s and why’s of what works and what doesn’t.



Library as Small Press: How To Publish Creative Books To Serve Your Patrons

January 27, 2021

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basic steps to publishing and promoting a print and digital book as well as ideas for programming and community partnerships stemming from your book. Examples from libraries across North American are included, as well as tips for publishing on a budget.



I’m ready for my close up: Moving from face-to-face to webcam presentations

February 10, 2021

Join Tiffini Travis to learn practical tools to help you present online, engage your audience, improve your presentation skills (both-in person and online) and enhance your image via webcam.


Social Work in Rural and Small Libraries

February 17, 2021

Join Tiffany Russell, LMSW, to learn more about the Social Workers in Rural and Small Libraries project,  the work being done to promote this initiative, and how libraries can find creative ways to utilize social workers. 


Engaging with Patrons on Social Media

March 3, 2021

Join Tiffany Breyne, Communications Coordinator at Skokie Public Library (IL), to learn practical tips on how to crowd-source content from staff and followers, tools to make social posts easier to plan ahead, which platforms are less (or more) time consuming, and how to promote advisory and librarian expertise online.


See how Niche Academy helps libraries increase

eResource usage by 70% in just one year!


Library Marketing The Future of Libraries

How Suffolk Public library increased e-Resource Circulations by 70% In 1 Year

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Information Literacy Perceptions Survey Results

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Library Education Perceptions Survey

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Library Education The Future of Libraries

Of Fads and Fundamentals

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Library Education The Future of Libraries Homelessness

What Your Homeless Patrons Can Do For You

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Library Education The Future of Libraries Homelessness

How effective is your staff training for addressing homeless issues?

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Library Education The Future of Libraries

What one thing did Andrew Carnegie know that will save libraries today?

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-born immigrant who became one of the

Library Education The Future of Libraries

The Future of Public Libraries

I must be feeling bold this morning because I’m about to predict the future of public libraries. Here goes:  Libraries of the future will become first...

The Future of Libraries

5 Myths About Library Relevance

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