Pionke blog

Accessibility in Your Library 

October 12, 2022 

Join JJ Pionke to learn about what disability and accessibility are. Learn how to do a walkthrough of your physical space to see how accessible it is and join us for a Q&A to answer your accessibility-related questions.



Lockaby 2022 blog

Successful Job Searching: Applications, Cover Letters, Resumes, and References

October 19, 2022 

How do you build a résumé or CV that will get you an interview? Are cover letters really necessary? Why complete the online job application when a résumé says everything? Who are the best references? Join Melissa Lockaby as she shares recommendations and guidance on how to get an interview by providing an application that highlights your accomplishments while addressing what employers want.



DeJong Blog

Systemic Problems with Information Literacy Training

October 26, 2022 

No matter how much time and effort we put into developing charismatic one-shot training sessions or providing students with carefully crafted LibGuides, students still struggle to learn information literacy skills. Are there more systemic problems we need to address?  Join Mary DeJong as she describes what some of those problems might be, including students' lack of motivation, poorly designed research assignments, and lack of standardization in the vocabulary of information literacy.



Saunders Wong Blog

Encouraging Engagement in Online Instruction

November 2, 2022 

Online instruction allows us to reach a wider audience,but many of us find it challenging to engage our learners during online instruction, especially with large groups or with patrons who are not as technically savvy. Join Melissa Wong and Laura Saunders to learn about free, low-barrier strategies and tools to incorporate active participation into any online instruction. Participants will leave with a set of tools and specific ideas to lead engaging, interactive sessions. 



Cassell Blog FINAL

Steps to Successful Community Engagement

November 9, 2022 

Learn how to meet people where they are, build relationships, and use local and library data and asset mapping. Kay Cassell shares guidelines for how we can connect people with the library, using examples of successful community engagement.



Ratay blog 2022

ESL Conversation Groups: Up Close and Personal

November 16, 2022 

Hosting conversation groups does not require a high degree of subject area knowledge or formal teaching experience. Join Claudia Ratay to learn more about hosting an ESL conversation group. Learn how to select appropriate topics that can result in productive, engaging conversations. Various scenarios will also be discussed allowing participants to learn how to successfully manage typical challenges that arise in these meetings.



Cooke Blog Thumbnail December

Disinformation and the Literary Landscape

December 14, 2022 

Join Nicole Cooke, the Augusta Baker Endowed Chair at USC, as she addresses our continued and collective battle against misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, and the related literacy concepts that can influence our interactions with information and help us intellectually thrive in a post-truth society.



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