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Webinar: 15 Free Ways to Effectively Promote Your Library

Battle tested ideas including free online tools, how to get the most out of local media outlets, and much more. All in less than an hour.

Webinar: 15 Free Ways to Effectively Promote Your Library

Originally presented Oct. 14, 2016

For this webinar, we partnered with Kathleen O'Dell, the Community Relations Director at the Springfield Missouri Public Library. Before coming to the Library, Kathleen spent 33 years as a reporter at USA Today as well as for local papers in Texas and Missouri.

Kathleen understands local media from the inside and knows what works for libraries. In this webinar she shares her best-of-the-best ideas, highlighting how to work effectively with local media, create local buzz, and call attention to everything your library has to offer. Jared Oates, Niche Academy COO, also shares a few key ideas that you won't want to miss.

The best part is that none of the ideas presented here require a purchase of any kind.


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