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Webinar: Reopening Lives with the Library

In this interactive webinar, we begin a collaboration to create tutorials that will be made freely available for any library that wants to use them.

Webinar: Reopening Lives with the Library

Originally presented May 6, 2020

As libraries look towards reopening, many of us are anticipating a surge of patrons with questions about unemployment, taxes, and financial resources. We anticipate questions about public and personal health, and how the CARES act (and other legislation) will affect or help small businesses and entrepreneurs.

While there is a lot of information available out there, we want to curate and compile quality information for staff and patrons. The goal is to create and make available a collection of freely available tutorials to facilitate re-opening.

Given the scope of the work and our compressed timeline, Niche Academy is helping to initiate an ambitious collaborative effort that will allow us to accomplish much more than any of us could do on our own.



This webinar kicks off this effort. In it, we:
Describe our collaboration plan and the tools we'll use
Begin to compile a list of needed topics
Provide a way for participants to form teams and collaborate.

This recording is provided for those who want to participate even though they could not attend the live event and for those who want to review the plan.

Please consider taking a topic and inviting your colleagues to do the same! A tutorial doesn't have to be fancy to be helpful. A research investment of only an hour by a skilled librarian like you can make such a difference. You can curate information and make it accessible in this shared academy so it will be bite-sized, digestible, and easy to share.

You'll notice that most of the initial tutorials take a very simple approach:

  1. Cite and link to a reputable source
  2. Copy and paste information from that source into bite sized lessons within the tutorial.

I invite you to make a small time investment in this project. The value of our collective effort will be remarkable.

Click here to access the Collaborator Signup

Click here to access the Reopening Lives Academy

Click here to access the Collaborator Guidelines

Click here to review the Presentation Slides

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