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Webinar: Building Confidence in Digital Resources

In this free webinar, Jared Oates will introduce the Niche Academy platform and show how it can build the confidence of both staff and patrons.

Webinar: Building Confidence in Digital Resources

Originally presented January 17, 2020

In this free 45-minute webinar Jared Oates, COO of Niche Academy, explains the features and benefits of Niche Academy's online training tutorials including how to make best use of video training and how to build your confidence answering enquiries about digital resources. He begins with an overview of the platform and shows live examples of Niche Academy tutorials that are embedded into leading library sites. Next, he discusses the different ways Niche video training can improve staff confidence and help remote managers to track staff and volunteer learning. He also discusses the challenges managers face when implementing content training.

DCA represent Niche Academy in the UK and have organised this webinar to promote understanding of Niche Academy's unique online training, with benefits to both library users and staff. It comes with no obligation and is offered here as a recording for registrants. 





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