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Homelessness Library Education

3 Common Mistakes in Working With Homeless Patrons

If you work regularly with homeless patrons, you've likely encountered uncomfortable situations where communication seems to fail despite your best ef...

Homelessness The Future of Libraries Library Education

What Your Homeless Patrons Can Do For You

The common mode, especially in large urban public libraries, is to speak of the challenges presented by our homeless patrons. They make other patrons ...

Homelessness Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Effective Responses to Homeless Issues

Originally presented September 8, 2016 The challenges surrounding homelessness can seem overwhelming The homeless people taking refuge in your library...

Library Education Homelessness The Future of Libraries

Homelessness Training with Ryan Dowd

Ryan Dowd

The Future of Libraries Homelessness Library Education

How effective is your staff training for addressing homeless issues?

The issues surrounding homelessness present a poignant set of challenges and opportunities for public libraries. In the abstract, libraries have a cor...