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Webinar: Library Security Solutions

Steve Albrecht will discuss six aspects of library security including active shooter situations, harassment, and working with homeless patrons.

Webinar: Library Security Solutions

Originally presented October 21, 2019

Dr. Steve Albrecht, a nationally recognized workplace violence expert and the author of the 2015 ALA book, Library Security: Better Communications, Safer Facilities, discusses recent trends in library security, including

  • - workplace violence threats and active shooter responses;
  • - preventing sexual and racial harassment of staff by patrons;
  • - dealing with challenging patrons;
  • - safe interactions with homeless patrons;
  • - keeping rural library locations safe; and
  • - managing workplace stress.

This webinar was co-sponsored by library 2.0.

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You can download the slides from the presentation by clicking here:

Library Security Solutions.pptx

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