Enjoy your work more than ever before by tapping the potential of your people.

Think of the people who use your services. What do they need to know to reach their goals? What do they need to know how to do?

Think of the people who work for you. What skills do they need?

No matter what challenges you face, your people can be your innovators, your problem solvers, your solution. Your "people" are the ones who use your services. Your staff are also your "people".

Niche Academy's training packages give your people the skills and the understanding they need to address your most important challenges. Niche Academy provides a complete tool set to deliver that training exactly when and where it's needed. Click a button to learn how we serve different organizations.

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Niche Academy is used every day in 1000+ public, educational, non-profit, and for-profit organizations

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Unlock your people potential


If you're being asked to do more with less...

If you have high turnover...

If you feel like you don't have time for everything you need to do...

If you have chronic unsolved problems...

This is for you.

It's possible for organizations of any size and any budget to help their people thrive, but most organizations don't achieve outcome because they let other concerns take priority over developing their people.

When people have good training and healthy incentives, they learn, invent, adapt, create, and thrive. Organizations, in turn, always thrive when their people do. People are always the most valuable resource an organization has and people development is the most important investment an organization can make.

Niche Academy uniquely combines targeted training packages with a complete platform for delivering training exactly when and where it's needed.

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The Process That Makes the Difference


Old Way

It's human nature to focus on our circumstances. The trouble is, our circumstances are often outside of our control.

New Way

Focusing on training and a healthy organizational culture increases the net intelligence available to tackle any problem.

In a healthy and empowering environment people mitigate problems and create unexpected solutions.


Old Way

Training sessions tend to be long. Knowledge retention and application drop off after the first 10 min.

New Way

Training sessions use active engagement and usually last 5-10 minutes. Retention and application are high.

Learners are more willing to engage in microlearning sessions. Topics are more focused and learning outcomes are better.


Old Way

Training is disconnected from the learner's immediate needs or interests.

New Way

Training is easy to access at a time and a location that helps a learner solve an immediate problem. It's often embedded in a web page and accessible with a single click. It's organized and searchable for a quick self-service experience.

Point-of need training is the most efficient way to lift skills within the flow of regular work and life. 


Old Way

Training doesn't happen very often. It requires extensive coordination and large chunks of time away from regular work and responsibilities.

New Way

Short training sessions are a regular expectation. Training outcomes are measured, participants get credit, and the timing is adapted to each learner's schedule.

10 minute daily training sessions produce better results than long training sessions once a year.

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Case Studies

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Download Case Study

Niche Academy Helps You...

checkEmpower your people to find unexpected solutions.


checkReduce workload for your managers


checkMake training short and sweet.


checkDeliver training within the regular flow of work


checkMake training continuous instead of rare

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How It Works

Focusing on people over circumstances

Niche Academy makes it easy to assign the right training to the right learners. Tutorial categories and learner teams simplify assignment in larger organizations. Empower your people and then let them lead.

Training with microlearning

Niche Academy includes a powerful tool for calculating the amount of time it will take learners to complete your training. Keeping lessons under 10 min and letting people know how long each training segment will take helps them budget regular small chunks of training time. Interactive elements like response prompts, quizzes, and activities drive engagement by making your training more interactive.

Training at the point of need

"Widgets" are code snippets that let you add tutorials to any website or intranet.  The widget can look like an image, a button, an icon, whatever you need. Clicking the widget opens a clean and satisfying learner experience without ever leaving the page. LTI integration also lets you add Niche Academy tutorials to existing learning management systems.

Make training routine

Due dates based on a calendar date or time from an enrollment date help keep people on track with training as part of their regular workflow. 10 min a day gets better results than a three hour session once a year. Easy tutorial creation lets you regularly create as-needed training sessions throughout the year.

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Our Guarantee: If you use Niche Academy to offer online training to your community we guarantee positive results. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results in the first year, we’ll credit you a full year’s subscription.


Q: Are accessibility features available?

A: Yes. Niche Academy is compliant with the WCAG 2.1 standard at the AA level. This is something we work hard to maintain as we continuously update the platform. If you spot anything that’s slipped through our testing, please let us know. A thorough enumeration of our compliance level is available in the Niche Academy Accessibility Conformance Report.


Q: Are we limited to a certain number of training and support hours?

A: No. A Niche Academy subscription includes unlimited professional support. See the answer above on what’s included in the price.


Q: Are there limits on the number of users?

A: No. One of the essential advantages of our cloud-based architecture is the ability to add resources (more memory, more processors, faster processors, more storage...) should the demand on our servers ever require it. We have active alarms in place to alert us if we ever begin to approach our usage thresholds. We keep our readily available resources comfortably above our observed usage patterns. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, we saw an eightfold increase in usage within a matter of days without any degradation in the responsiveness of our service.

Q: What maintenance & support is included with a Niche Academy subscription?

A: Niche Academy provides live technical support during business hours. There is no additional charge levied for Niche Academy support and there are no support tiers. Small customers get the same thoughtful attention as everyone else.  

All aspects of initial onboarding are included in the Niche Academy support offering including:

  • The creation of customer academies and initial population of appropriate tutorials from the Niche Academy marketplace.
  • Basic configuration of tutorials within each customer academy including invitation of learners, the addition of custom links, and showing or hiding available tutorial elements appropriately for the intended audience.
  • The implementation of LTI integration with your campus LMS
  • Live training calls with all customer staff that need to learn how to use Niche Academy.


Q: What’s the process for reaching Niche Academy support?

A: Niche Academy support specialists can be reached by phone, by email, or through questions submitted within the platform itself. In addition to the live support, Niche Academy provides a searchable knowledge base and a collection of self-paced help tutorials covering basic administrative tasks and the process for tutorial creation.

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