We deliver immediately accessible training.

A subscription includes ready-to-use tutorials and the freedom to quickly make your own.

Deliver training within your own website or in a private training environment with no branding but your own.


We create online tutorials

and keep them up to date over time.

When lots of our customers have the same essential training needs, it just makes sense for us to build great training that a lot of them can use. Of course, the Niche Academy software also makes it easy for individual organizations to customize our training to match their own unique needs.

Niche is a powerful tool for training staff and the public... a new instruction platform where we can access tutorials and create our own content.

--Jolanda Durbin    Eagle Valley Library District

About Us

Niche Academy was founded in September of 2014. We wanted to make a learning system that had much less overhead than anything available at the time. While we've grown from serving just a handful of customers in our first year to many hundreds today, we remain committed to the success of each one.

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Present training in your own self-branded online academy. Your learners won't see the Niche Academy brand anywhere. 


Embed tutorials into your own web pages by just copying and pasting a code snippet. No other page customization required.




Our Goal: Zero Training Overhead

Learners shouldn't spend time learning how to use your training tool. If you're creating your own training, your creative environment should seamlessly match what you want your learners to see.

The tutorials we've created using Niche Academy have made it so much easier to manage our new maker space. We love how easy has been teach so many people about our space in such a quality and consistent manner.

Steven Nielsen - Director of Waterloo Public Library

“Niche Academy provides an extremely user-friendly interface for patrons to take online technology courses. I have never worked with a more customer-focused and user-experience driven vendor.

Elizabeth LaRossee - Assistant Director at Turner Free Library

“Niche Academy has made it so much easier to consistently deliver quality training to our employees and keep track of who has been trained.”

Kathy Staiger - Owner of Better Life Better Care

How will it work for you?

If you work for a public library or an organization that provides direct care to people with disabilities, you can use Niche Academy tutorials to meet your training needs today.

If you're in another line of work, but have a similar need for immediately accessible online training, please reach out, we'd love to talk.

When your organization has unique training needs, Niche Academy makes it easy for you to build and deliver exactly what you need. When you have training needs that are shared by many other organizations like yours, Niche Academy may be able to create that training for you.