Clint Rudy Suffolk Public Library

[fa icon="quote-left"] [fa icon="quote-right"] Thanks to Niche Academy, we have seen increased usage in Axis360 and OneClickdigital, and our average circulations per month for Hoopla doubled since adding the service. We are excited that more members of the community are discovering and using these valuable online resources.

What if your website taught patrons how to use your electronic resources?

When you subscribe to Niche Academy, we'll give you a little code snippet you can plug into your website. Then, like magic, your website will begin to present video introductions to your electronic resources as well as step-by-step instructions on how to get started using them. 

What if your library staff all felt confident and comfortable using your electronic resources?

Niche Academy tutorials give staff a quick lesson plan for showing patrons how to use eResources. We update the tutorials as resources evolve, so staff can feel confident that the information is up-to-date.

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See it in action on these library websites:

  • Dartmouth MA
  • Suffolk VA
  • Glencoe IL

Lynne Antunes Dartmouth Public Libraries

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Niche Academy has proven to be an invaluable tool in promoting our library’s growing collection of digital resources and in assisting our patrons in learning how to use them. The Side Slider on the library website drives ongoing use of the academy – in one month alone we had more than 1300 tutorials accessed. The staff at Niche Academy really understand the library’s point of view and always go the extra mile to assist with set-up and promotion of the tutorials.

What if you had always available, trackable, online staff training?

In addition to our patron-facing training Niche Academy is working with a number of partners to create a set of staff-focused tutorials designed to give staff the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to feel confident working with patrons. Because these tutorials are available online, staff can complete it in very small segments as they have time--no scheduling hassle involved. Niche Academy gives managers the ability to review who has completed the training and who still needs it.

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Check out these live examples:

Athens Moreno Glencoe Public Library

[fa icon="quote-left"] [fa icon="quote-right"] Niche Academy is like having another librarian at the desk, it's a great way to supplement our training resources

An easy way to create your own tutorials

You can quickly put together staff training and present it in your own online academy. You can create patron-facing tutorials that highlight your own local services and programs. The Niche Academy tutorial builder includes:

  • Built-in video hosting
  • Elegant editing tools for text and images
  • Private course options
  • Quizes, certificates, and interactive lab options

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