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Next Chapter: Partnering with Local Jails to Decrease Recidivism

April 14, 2021

Join Chelsea Kovalevskiy as she describes the Next Chapter Program—a partnership between the Dade County branch of the Cherokee Regional Library and the Dade County Jail. Learn how your library can utilize this program, or create your own, to make a life-changing impact to one of the most vulnerable populations within your community.

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Building News Literacy: Supporting Tweens and Teens in Developing News Literacy Skills 

April 21, 2021

Join Tom Bober, school librarian and 2018 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, to gain an understanding of tweens’ and teens’ news literacy realities. Librarians of all kinds will leave the webinar with a practical set of simple terms, resources, and approaches librarians can support their news literacy growth.

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Passive Programming that Pulls them In: Provocative Passive Programming Ideas 

May 12, 2021

Join Paula Willey and Andria Amaral, authors of The Passive Programming Playbook: 101 Ways to Get Library Customers Off the Sidelines, to turn your high concept goals into inclusive reality with practical examples of passive programming that works, taking a problem-solving approach to space, time, and money limitations - including how to create interactive programming when the doors to the library are locked. 



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The "Marketing Funnel" Approach to Customer Engagement  

May 19, 2021

Join Cordelia Anderson, APR, to learn about the traditional concept of the “marketing funnel” to look at the ways that libraries get, keep, and sometimes lose customers. Learn about the stages of the funnel, the ways that customers move through the funnel, and some of the “holes” that cause us to lose customers along the way. Discover strategies to close these holes and increase customer engagement for your library, making your marketing more effective. 



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Stop Hiring Bad Bosses: How to Strengthen your Management Recruitment Strategies 

June 23, 2021

Join Elaina Norlin, author of Six Step Guide to Library Worker Engagement, to learn how to identify common recruitment mistakes, create "leadership vision statements" that will provide focus and clarity to support long-term strategic planning, and how to align these vision statements with candidate interview questions. 




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Library Education Webinars

Webinar: GovInfo Phobia: How to Get over that “Deer in the Headlights” Feeling

Originally presented October 14, 2020 You’ve just been asked a question about a bill in Congress, or perhaps about the history of a law, or maybe even...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Food Literacy During the Pandemic

Originally presented September 16, 2020 While researching her book with ALA Editions, Gather ‘Round the Table: Food Literacy Programs, Resources, and ...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Whole Person Librarianship: Partnerships to Prepare Libraries

Originally presented August 26, 2020 In normal times, a library’s relationship-based reference collection empowers librarians to direct patrons with t...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Library Information Systems

Originally presented August 12, 2020 The library technology ecosystem can be daunting - but today more than ever it's crucial for all library people t...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Managing through Economic Crisis using Emotional Intelligence

Originally presented July 22, 2020 Professor Gary Shaffer of USC Marshall School of Business Library & Information Management program and Director of ...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: The library employee journey: from recruitment to onboarding and life-long learning

Originally presented July 15, 2020 James Ouellette Jr., training specialist at Allen County Public Library, shares best practices for training library...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Dismantling Institutional Racism in your Library: From Theory to Practice

Originally presented June 24, 2020 O ne of the major barriers to dismantling institutional racism is a lack of effective vocabulary, analysis, and pri...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Best Practices for Techno-Storytime

Originally presented June 17, 2020 Non-traditional instruction driven by COVID 19 social distancing requires us to ask our learners to spend more time...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: How to Create a Trans-Inclusive Workplace

Originally presented May 20, 2020 How can libraries become trans-inclusive workplaces? What can managers do to support their trans employees? How can ...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Navigating Screens

Originally presented May 13, 2020 Many library professionals feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of media development and unprepared to advise parents a...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Reopening Lives with the Library

Originally presented May 6, 2020 As libraries look towards reopening, many of us are anticipating a surge of patrons with questions about unemployment...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Healthy Living at the Library

Originally presented March 25, 2020 Let's get healthy, together! Learn how you can support healthy living among both library staff and library patrons...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: On the Go with Senior Services

Originally presented March 11, 2020 The older adult population is growing and will continue to grow for the next several decades. They are a diverse g...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: 5 Essential Tools for Money Smart Week

Originally presented February 19, 2020 Money Smart Week 2020 is April 4-11. In support of ALA and The Federal Reserve Bank, ValChoice has produced an ...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Building Confidence in Digital Resources

Originally presented January 17, 2020 In this free 45-minute webinar Jared Oates, COO of Niche Academy, explains the features and benefits of Niche Ac...