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Designing Student-Centered Research Guides

July 13, 2022 

Creating and maintaining research guides that students actually use is an ongoing challenge for many librarians. Join Amy Barker and Ashley Hoffman as they give an overview of their study and highlight practical design tips that will be easily transferable to other libraries. Learn how to quickly implement homegrown usability testing, what students look for in a subject guide, and how to use LibGuides features to design usable guides.



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Sustainable Thinking for the Future of Libraries

July 20, 2022 

Our future depends on all of us working together with empathy, respect, and understanding to adapt to the many challenges facing society. Libraries play an important and unique role in promoting community awareness about resilience, climate change, and a sustainable future. Join Rebekkah Smith Aldrich to explore the importance of infusing the core value of sustainability into everything we do, and demonstrate how libraries that lead into the future using ‘sustainable thinking’ fulfill our mission as libraries in new and innovative ways.



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The Post-Pandemic Library: Managing Issues Now That They are Our Daily Routine

July 27, 2022 

While we have struggled for the past two years with many critical issues, the very heart of our work - connecting with our patrons - has been threatened daily. Join Julie Todaro to learn about information and choices for moving the post-pandemic library forward. Julie explains where many organizations got it wrong, five primary focuses for management, leadership dos and don'ts, the top twelve things to do overall, and the first ten things you should do tomorrow!



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Is Reference Dead?: Practical Considerations for Evaluating and Improving your Reference Services

August 3, 2022 

Join Christina Holm and Sarah Kantor as they review the results of their two-year case study on reference staffing models and present practical suggestions for improving or promoting reference services in academic environments as well as discussing how COVID-19 continues to impact reference services.



Powe blog

From Diversity to Inclusion: How to Audit your Collection and Why

August 24, 2022 

Join Kymberlee Powe to learn how to perform a diversity audit on your library collection. Kym will share what a diversity audit is, why we should audit our collections, why the structure of the publishing industry may make it difficult to cultivate inclusivity, and most importantly, why it’s important to build collections that are diverse AND inclusive.



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Not Just for Art’s Sake: Visual Literacy Across The Disciplines

September 14, 2022 

What is visual literacy, and why should you make it a part of your information literacy instruction? Join Nicole Fox as she defines visual literacy and discusses how you can empower students across the disciplines to be effective and ethical image creators and users. Learn how to help students evaluate and find different kinds of images, with practical examples for a variety of classes.



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