on September 08, 2016 Library Education Homelessness Webinars

Webinar: Effective Responses to Homeless Issues

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Originally presented September 8, 2016

The challenges surrounding homelessness can seem overwhelming

The homeless people taking refuge in your library have intractable problems, maybe mental illness, maybe an addiction... Homelessness itself has deep societal causes ranging from affordable housing to income disparity... What can a library possibly do, right?

Actually, a lot.


This webinar offers two compelling perspectives on this topic.

Jared Oates, Niche Academy COO, shows how the most effective libraries are acting as a powerful catalyst within their own communities to implement practical and locally relevant solutions.

The free tutorial referenced by Jared is available HERE.

Ryan Dowd has been working with the homeless for decades and is currently the Executive Director of the second largest homeless shelter in Illinois. Ryan presented actionable advice on dealing with problems that arise every day in the library.

The complete training referenced by Ryan is available HERE.

Jared Oates

Jared comes to Niche Academy with a love for teaching and learning. He's a self-taught software engineer and graduated from college with two teaching-emphasis degrees. He finds endless fascination in the ways that new technology changes lives and reshapes the world around him.

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