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Webinars New Features


In this webinar we went through our exciting new features that were released on June 28th. We have enhanced our website widgets, added closed captions...


Webinar: New Feature Release

Niche Academy Feature Release Webinar Presented January 23rd, 2018 We have recently added several new features to Niche Academy. Enjoy this quick webi...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Staff Training with Niche Academy

  Originally presented on October 12th, 2017 We will show you how to setup your online staff training academy, add ready-to-use staff training tutoria...

Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Who Benefits from Staff Training

Originally presented Nov. 17, 2016 One of the most urgent and consistent requests we hear from our customer libraries is for more effective and consis...

Library Marketing Library Education

4 Ways To Make Your Patrons Happier

All too often I hear people say, “I didn’t know xyz resource was available from the library.”  Then, inevitably a little while later I hear, “How does...

Library Marketing

7 Steps to Public Library Patron Satisfaction

And I'm one step ahead of the shoe shine, Two steps away from the county line, Just trying to keep my customers satisfied With apologies to Simon and ...

Library Marketing Library Education

Introducing the Niche Academy Side Slider

Sometimes you want to go out and sit down at the pizza restaurant.  Other times you want it delivered so you can eat it wearing pajamas while you watc...

Niche Academy, in the Beginning... a Founder's Backstory

It was the summer of 1983 in Los Angeles California that I attended my first ALA Annual Conference.   I remember having the time of my life.  My older...

Course Creation

Top 7 Things Online Courses Can Learn from Top Gear

What do the North Pole, Japan’s high-speed train, and practical jokes all have in common?