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Webinar: Who Benefits from Staff Training

Learn about a major staff training initiative from Niche Academy and be among the first to learn about how they can be customized for unique local library needs

Webinar: Who Benefits from Staff Training

Originally presented Nov. 17, 2016

One of the most urgent and consistent requests we hear from our customer libraries is for more effective and consistent training for their staff. They've asked for something that reduces administrative overhead, and is simple for their staff to use. Starting with what we do best, then, we've begun to create staff training tutorials that supplement our existing patron-facing tutorials.

As these tutorials have become available, it's been clear that our customers wanted to take this one step further and be able to track who on their staff has taken specific training and even to customize the training for their local needs.

In this webinar we took the wraps off two new features that let you:

  • Customize Niche Academy tutorials that include quizzes and lab exercises in the context of your own staff training academy.
  • Share staff training tutorials between libraries. Why should everyone re-invent the wheel?

In the webinar, we highlighted some staff training tutorials that are ready to use today, including a brand new one from our friends at EveryLibrary. We also spoke with Amy Golly at Urbandale Public Library and Michael Porter at Maricopa County Library District that are currently developing staff training on Niche Academy.


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