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Jeromy started Niche Academy because he wanted a simpler way to teach and learn online. Also, after years of building and managing software, he decided that building a whole new company was a better outlet for his bottled up energy and ideas.

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4 Ways To Make Your Patrons Happier

All too often I hear people say, “I didn’t know xyz resource was available from the library.”  Then, inevitably a little while later I hear, “How does it work?”  Or worse, “I couldn’t figure it out, so I gave up.”  

The other day I was talking with a good friend.  He was telling me about how his high-functioning autistic son is a voracious reader.  Wanting to provide a constructive outlet, he would regularly buy eBooks for his son on Amazon and he was lamenting to me how much it was costing him.  I asked him why he didn’t simply use his local library. He told me his son preferred to read eBooks on his iPad, not regular books.  I then went on to tell him that his library most likely had eBooks.  We looked up his library and sure enough, they have OverDrive and Axis360.  He can now not only provide enough books for his son, but he can do it for free.

7 Steps to Public Library Patron Satisfaction

And I'm one step ahead of the shoe shine,
Two steps away from the county line,
Just trying to keep my customers

With apologies to Simon and Garfunkle, I think there's a parallel in the public library experience. Between the demands of our funders, the heightened expectations of patrons, and the shifting forces at work in both education and entertainment... It's hard to feel like you're satisfying anyone. Here are a few thoughts, though, that may spark some useful ideas for you.

Introducing the Niche Academy Side Slider

Sometimes you want to go out and sit down at the pizza restaurant.  Other times you want it delivered so you can eat it wearing pajamas while you watch reruns on TV.

At Niche Academy, we wanted to help libraries offer their patrons and staff similar options. Using Niche Academy, Libraries can create their own stand-alone academies. These academies can be a learning destination where patrons and staff can go to understand library resources, programs, policies, staff tools, etc.  Libraries also now have the option to present users with Niche Academy tutorials without ever leaving the comfort of their library website.

Niche Academy, in the Beginning... a Founder's Backstory

It was the summer of 1983 in Los Angeles California that I attended my first ALA Annual Conference.  

I remember having the time of my life.  My older sister and I scurried through the exhibitor hall getting pens, plush toys, chocolates, and other paraphernalia that the silly vendors were crazy enough to give away for free.  I was 4 years old at the time and was just beginning my life in the library industry.

Top 7 Things Online Courses Can Learn from Top Gear

What do the North Pole, Japan’s high-speed train, and practical jokes all have in common? 

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