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Wednesday July 31 at 2:00 pm Eastern, 11:00 am Pacific

Join David Hatami for this presentation for academic librarians and instructors on the critical importance of ethics in the development and deployment of AI systems. We will discuss the fundamental principles of AI ethics, including transparency, fairness, and non-maleficence, and examine real-world ethical issues such as privacy concerns, surveillance, and the tension between AI decision-making and human autonomy.

Through a case study, we will illustrate the complex ethical dilemmas that arise in specific domains such as healthcare, criminal justice, or human resources. We will then discuss the process of establishing ethical guidelines for AI, emphasizing the need for diverse stakeholder engagement and global cooperation.

Looking ahead, we will address future challenges and opportunities in AI ethics, including emerging technologies and potential regulations. Throughout the presentation, we will encourage active audience participation and conclude with a Q&A session to foster meaningful dialogue on AI ethics.

By the end of this presentation, participants will have a deeper understanding of the ethical landscape surrounding AI and the importance of proactively addressing these challenges to ensure the responsible and beneficial development of AI technologies.

If you're interested but not able to attend the live webinar, go ahead and register. We'll send a recording to all registrants after the fact.

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About David

Drawing from his doctoral studies and intensive self-driven research, David Hatami has developed expertise in the emerging field of AI Ethics & AI Policy frameworks for Higher Education. David provides effective and innovative solutions for online learning and education management in the 21st Century.

He is a self-professed AI aficionado, leveraging his skills to create a proprietary methodology involving AI Ethics and AI Policy development for K-12 & Higher Education.  He is also an expert in Online Pedagogy, Higher Education Administration, Teaching, Faculty Training & Curriculum Development.

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