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Wednesday March 13 at 2:00 pm Eastern, 11:00 am Pacific

As book bans and challenges continue to spread across the U.S., many public libraries are looking for ways to combat censorship or proactively prepare for such situations. In this climate, your library board of trustees can be a valuable asset.

In this webinar, Shannon Oltmann and Shannon Crawford Barniskis will discuss forming and shaping your library board, educating them about book challenges and intellectual freedom, and fielding questions and concerns from the board. We will leave plenty of time for questions and discussion from the audience.

If you're interested but not able to attend the live webinar, go ahead and register. We'll send a recording to all registrants after the fact.


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About Shannon Oltmann

Shannon M. Oltmann is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Science at the University of Kentucky. She obtained her Ph.D. from Indiana University. Her research interests include information ethics, censorship, intellectual freedom, public libraries, privacy, and qualitative research methods. Oltmann is the past editor of the Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy and Associate Editor of Library Quarterly. She recently published a book, Practicing Intellectual Freedom in Libraries, and her most recent book, The Fight Against Book Bans: Perspectives from the Field, will be released in 2023. Oltmann’s work has been funded by the American Library Association and the Institute of Museum & Library Studies. She has presented her research at numerous academic conferences and published widely.

About Shannon Crawford Barniskis

Shannon Crawford Barniskis is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Science, at the University of Kentucky. She has an MSLIS from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Information Science from the University of Wisconsin. Her research interests include public libraries, makerspaces, power, governance, community informatics, community justice, intellectual freedom, IDEAL,  youth services, and programs.


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