We help IDD care providers deliver high quality care at a sustainable cost.

We do this by providing online staff training that reduces the cost of turnover and increases the confidence of caregivers.

Click the play button and see if the video describes a situation that sounds familiar to you.

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Are you interested in a simpler solution?

Niche Academy offers a way to make sure all staff have exactly the training they need and it automatically keeps track of everybody's progress. Click the play button below and see if this sounds like a solution that would make a difference for you.

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Track all training in one place whether it's live or online.

Niche Academy makes it easy to create "Activities" which allow learners to upload evidence of live trainings they have completed. Examples of evidence might include things like a certificate, a selfie from an event, or a completed form. This is a perfect way to reduce the complexity of tracking essential in-person training for things like:  

  • Medication Administration
  • CPR
  • First Aid
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Niche Academy reduces the cost of turnover

and does it with style.

No matter that your care cycle runs 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Niche Academy training is available exactly when and where it's needed. Always.


No more need to worry about which supervisor is training or whether they'll forget to cover something or change something important.


No need to send people across the state to get trained, or pay to have a trainer come to care givers. Niche Academy is online.

Reporting that's Simple and Flexible

There's no need to hunt for hard-to-find reports. Niche Academy presents data in sortable tables with all the information you need. To export the data or to use it in another context, just download it as a CSV file. Report data can be viewed by organization, by team, or by individual care giver.

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Custom training is a snap

Niche Academy provides templates that take all the headache out of creating your own custom training. You can create client-specific training so new caregivers can start quickly and understand the needs of individual clients. You can create policies and procedures tutorials that are unique to your organization or even to specific locations and share them with just the people who need them.

A user interface that's simply beautiful

No more clutter or navigating around. You choose exactly what learners see if you like, it's only the training that they have been assigned. They see progress indicators for everything they've worked on as well as what's coming due.

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