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Originally presented March 16, 2022

Making time to craft and manage usable, relevant web content has never been more important. The COVID19 pandemic and hybrid virtual/physical nature of academic library services necessitate web content accuracy and usability.

In this session, Jaci Wilkinson, Assistant Professor and the Head of Discovery and User Experience at Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, shares five guidelines that have structured her work as the manager of a digital ecosystem of platforms and services since the start of the pandemic. These guidelines are tailored to the unique complexities of the academic library website.

Participants will learn:
1. Strategies for when and how to audit your web content.

2. How to welcome all users with accessible representations of library spaces.

3. How to ruthlessly identify what your library’s social media presence is actually for.

4. How to structure the difference between research guides and the library website.

5. Why describing the service is the service.

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides:
Creating a Sustainable, User-centered Website Slides

Jaci Wilkinson

Jaci Wilkinson is an Assistant Professor and the Head of Discovery and User Experience at Indiana University Bloomington Libraries. She manages user research for IU Bloomington Libraries and her department is product owner of a wide ecosystem of platforms including Springshare, library blogs, the library website, and more. Jaci’s research interests are in website management, measuring the impact of user experience, service design, and equity in professional development.

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