McGuinness blog

Becoming a Teaching Librarian: Reflective Practice and Teacher Identity in Academic Librarianship

January 12, 2022

Join Claire McGuinness to learn about “teacher identity” and the various ways in which it develops over the course of a career in academic librarianship. Reflect on your own personal teaching journeys and how you perceive and inhabit your roles. Learn about the benefits of reflective practice in shaping teacher identity, as well as some practical approaches that you can integrate into your work.



Pelmore blog thumbnail

Library Violence Prevention and De-escalation

January 19, 2022

Join Hugh Pelmore, founder of ARETE Safety and Protection, Inc., to learn about how the right skills and motivation can offer renewed objectivity and increased confidence, which can assist in reducing stress, increasing morale, improving safety, and enhancing customer service.



Ratay Blog Thumbnail

Small-scale ESL Programs for your Library

January 26, 2022

Getting started with an English as a Second Language (ESL) program at your library does not have to be an intimidating commitment. Beginning your journey with a conversation group will allow you to get to know your second language patrons. In this webinar, Claudia Ratay will share her experience and insights into establishing a solid foundation for what can become a very successful ESL program.



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Copyright for Librarians: What you Need to Know

February 9, 2022

Copyright issues abound in librarianship, but there are some easy principles you can apply to better understand and navigate these issues. Join Sara Benson to learn about copyright basics, copyright exceptions, and, of course, fair use. Come prepared for a lively and fun discussion of copyright law.



Moreno Ortiz blog

Why and How to Implement Privacy and Surveillance Information Literacy into your Institution When It's Not Part of your Job Description

February 16, 2022

The pandemic forced educators to choose online learning platforms and tools without always assessing privacy and data collection policies, making it necessary for librarians to become privacy advocates within their institutions. Marisol Moreno Ortiz will cover how academic librarians can learn about privacy and surveillance, why they should become a focus of your duties, and how to implement them in your institution.



Brown Blog

PubMed Essentials

February 23, 2022

Millions of scientific journal articles are published every year and in general, health-related studies have more reach on the Internet and social media than other types of studies. Some patrons are looking for a definition, others are looking to compare treatment options and more. What tools can librarians use to help their patrons find reliable answers to their more complex health questions? Join Rebecca Brown to learn a variety of methods to search PubMed. It can be as easy as placing a few keywords into the search box! 



Fuller blog thumbnail

Introduction to Strategic Planning for Public Libraries

March 2, 2022

Join Joy Fuller for a sneak peek into an important step in the strategic planning process. Joy is the author of the Public Library Association’s (PLA) newly released book, "Strategic Planning for Public Libraries," which provides a framework that libraries of all sizes can use as a basis for their strategic planning.



Polger blog thumbnail

Designing Effective Library Signage: Communicating Strategically to your Users

March 9, 2022

Join Mark Aaron Polger to learn some of the best practice guidelines when designing effective library signage. He will cover the process of conducting a signage audit and how to get feedback from your users. Topics will include how to compose an effective signage message, design basics, the different types of digital signage, mounting/placement, and ADA compliance.



Wilkinson blog thumbnail-1

Creating a Sustainable, User-centered Website for Academic Libraries

March 16, 2022

Making time to craft and manage usable, relevant web content has never been more important. Join Jaci Wilkinson for her five guidelines tailored to the unique complexities of academic library websites.



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