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Anderson Public Library

Uses Niche Academy to make more people aware of their electronic resources and teach people how to use them.

Highlighting the library's e-Resources

When presenting new library resources, images garner more attention than text, and videos even more than images. The library was able to add video introductions to their website by pasting in a single snippet of code, provided by Niche Academy. These intro videos help more people become aware of the library's electronic resources. Embedded right below each video, is a link to a tutorial that show library patrons exactly how to access and use the resource.

Consistent instruction, exactly where it's needed

The library's electronic resources come from many different vendors, each with a different way of doing things. Niche Academy tutorials, embedded in the library's website, provide a consistent instruction experience, no matter which vendor is providing the resource. Patrons always know where to look for help and the quality of instruction is high across the board.

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