Training that takes you minutes, not hours, and gets better results.

Offering training online helps attract more volunteers and make in-person training more effective
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Niche Academy is Used Every Day in 1000+ Communities


Lowering the cost of training part-time and seasonal staff


If you invest time and effort in training summer camp staff, volunteer coaches, referees, and other people who run your programs, and yet feel like they still don't master everything you'd like them to know... This is for you

If you want your summer camp staff know how to recognize abuse, deescalate tense situations, address bullying, and accommodate special needs campers... If you want your sports program staff to know the basics of their sports, to work effectively with kids, and promote sportsmanship... This is for you.

Most departments try to cover everything with in-person training or by handing out long documents. They consistently feel like they don't have time to cover everything. The solution is to offer training that's quick-to-use and always available online. Online training lets you track completion of required training. It lets you do more training and confirm mastery.

Niche Academy is the only company providing complete online training packages specifically for Parks and Recreation departments.

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The Process That Makes the Difference


Old Way

All volunteer training has to be created in-house

New Way

Offer ready-to-use professional-quality online training for things like the basics of the sport and how to communicate with kids. Then add in custom topics like scheduling instructions and your local rule adaptations.

You can save a lot of time if you're not reinventing the wheel.


Old Way

Training is in-person and live. It's hard to cover everything and check for understanding in a large group.

New Way

Most of the instruction is delivered online. This means live training time can be shorter, focus on a few key things, and still leave time for Q&A. You can track completion of required training and verify understanding with quizzes and response prompts.

Hybrid learning is more efficient and delivers better learning outcomes.


Old Way

You spend hours on the phone answering the same questions or trying to recruit the last few volunteers you need to run your program.

New Way

You can prime volunteers and overcome concerns by emailing them links to basic training and offering it embedded in your website. Lots of people find their own answers. You spend less time on the phone because you can reference the online instruction.

Self-serve training can save you a lot of time over the long run.

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Case Studies

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Download Case Study
Download Case Study

Niche Academy Helps You...

checkReduce your own workload


check Verify training completion and mastery


checkImprove experience of all participants


check Reduce your liability


checkOffer more training

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How It Works

Making Training and Programs Always Available Online

Program creators can create both live and online versions of programming. Patrons can access videos on their own time, which means these programs can then reach a much larger audience over time and garner much more participation.

Making Programs Easily Accessible From Your Website

Programs can be presented with simple branding or embedded directly into your website. All colors, logos, etc. reflect your brand, and there is no distracting suggested content or prompts to navigate away from the page, which keeps viewers within the site's environment. 

Training All Public-Facing Staff to Direct Community Members to the Online Training and Programs

Inquiries from community members are routed to online training and programs where they can find immediate answers to their questions, saving you time and resources. Training is uniform, learning is verified, and programs are able to reach many more people.

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Our Guarantee: If you use Niche Academy to offer online training to your community we guarantee positive results. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results in the first year, we’ll credit you a full year’s subscription.


Q: Are accessibility features available?

A: Yes. Niche Academy is compliant with the WCAG 2.1 standard at the AA level. This is something we work hard to maintain as we continuously update the platform. If you spot anything that’s slipped through our testing, please let us know. A thorough enumeration of our compliance level is available in the Niche Academy Accessibility Conformance Report.


Q: Are we limited to a certain number of training and support hours?

A: No. A Niche Academy subscription includes unlimited professional support. See the answer above on what’s included in the price.


Q: Are there limits on the number of users?

A: No. One of the essential advantages of our cloud-based architecture is the ability to add resources (more memory, more processors, faster processors, more storage...) should the demand on our servers ever require it. We have active alarms in place to alert us if we ever begin to approach our usage thresholds. We keep our readily available resources comfortably above our observed usage patterns. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, we saw an eightfold increase in usage within a matter of days without any degradation in the responsiveness of our service.

Q: What maintenance & support is included with a Niche Academy subscription?

A: Niche Academy provides live technical support during business hours. There is no additional charge levied for Niche Academy support and there are no support tiers. Small customers get the same thoughtful attention as everyone else.  

All aspects of initial onboarding are included in the Niche Academy support offering including:

  • The creation of customer academies and initial population of appropriate tutorials from the Niche Academy marketplace.
  • Basic configuration of tutorials within each customer academy including invitation of learners, the addition of custom links, and showing or hiding available tutorial elements appropriately for the intended audience.
  • The implementation of LTI integration with your campus LMS
  • Live training calls with all customer staff that need to learn how to use Niche Academy.


Q: What’s the process for reaching Niche Academy support?

A: Niche Academy support specialists can be reached by phone, by email, or through questions submitted within the platform itself. In addition to the live support, Niche Academy provides a searchable knowledge base and a collection of self-paced help tutorials covering basic administrative tasks and the process for tutorial creation.

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