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10 of the most common idd service provider citations and how to avoid them

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Originally presented March 6, 2019

In this free 30 min webinar, Deanna Abraham reviews ten of the most common principles cited during surveys of IDD service agencies and shares insights drawn from decades of experience in multiple roles in the industry. Her recommendations focus on the real-life application of best practice principles, proven and tested in the trenches. Learn what the pitfalls are so YOU can avoid them!


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Deanna Abraham

Deanna Abraham is a Clinical Expert and Account Manager at Focused Software. She has over 20 years of experience working in IDD services in Texas including work in direct care, case management, program supervision and coordination, and executive leadership for private providers of HCS, ICF, and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) services. She has also actively participated in workgroups and committees for HHS/DADS, interacted with state professional organizations such as PPAT, and sat on the Texas State Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Committee.