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Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

This library uses tutorials provided by Niche Academy to introduce patrons to the library's large collection of electronic resources. In addition to using the tutorials created by Niche Academy, Charlotte Mecklenburg has created a number of tutorials that address specific local needs.

Intro to eBooks

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers a large collection of eBooks. Tutorials created by Niche Academy provide library patrons with quick instructions on how to get started accessing those eBooks. Using video, text, and images, patrons get step-by-step guidance for reading on Android, iOS and Kindle devices. And as the eBook interface evolves and improves over time, Niche Academy keeps the instructions up to date.

Resumes for Beginners

For people entering the workforce for the first time or people changing career tracks, the process of creating a resume can be intimidating. Charlotte Mecklenburg made this engaging and practical tutorial showing what information to include and how to organize it into an interview-winning presentation.

Research Paper Essentials

High school students in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System are required to complete a Graduation Project that includes an extensive research paper. The library provides direct support for that requirement with this tutorial. The tutorial provides concrete direction and breaks the project into manageable tasks like choosing a topic, researching like a librarian, and choosing the right sources.

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